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Is Autentico a chalk paint?

Is Autentico a chalk paint?

Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint is of the highest quality and the perfect model for what it really means to use chalk in your paint. Containing over 35% real chalk and rich natural pigments, this was Autentico’s first ever paint. It is a highly porous paint and dries to a velvety, smooth, ultra matt finish.

Can chalk paint be frozen?

Your paint SHOULD be ok…. The Chalk Paint® should be able to go through a couple freeze cycles- but there is NO guarantee on this and you want to avoid this if all possible. I suggest that you bring them inside- which I am sure you did already. Give them a few days to get back to room temperature on their own.

Can you use chalk paint indoors?

If possible, work on your paint project indoors—chalk paint adheres best at room temperature. Protect the floor of your work space from paint splatter by laying out newspaper or brown paper underneath the item you’re painting.

How do you use Autentico Biostrip?

Autentico Bio-strip is a high-quality paint stripper for water-based paints and finishes such as wax and varnishes. Easy to use: Just apply to the areas you want to strip with a brush or roller, leave for 30 minutes and scrape off the paint, wax or varnish. Repeat if necessary.

Where is Autentico paint made?

Although we are proud to be Dutch and still call The Netherlands our home, our creative life started in England where we made bespoke furniture together using only traditional woodworking techniques. Our work can still can be found in many interior and lifestyle magazines and in showrooms of popular fashion brands.

Is Frozen paint ruined?

Freezing does ruin latex paint, but it can survive a few freeze/thaw cycles. If the paint color and consistency appear normal, then it should be all right to use. If it looks like cottage cheese, it was frozen too long and you should let it dry on newspaper in a safe place, then put it in the trash.

How do you remove chalk paint?

Here’s the process:

  1. Apply a paint stripper on the chalk paint.
  2. Wait for some time as indicated by the instructions – usually it’s some 20-30 minutes. You will see the paint starting to bubble up.
  3. As the paint turns soft, you can use a putty knife, or a wire scraper to brush it off.
  4. That’s it!