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Is certified listeners legit?

Is certified listeners legit?

Certified Listeners Society is a federal not-for-profit organization built by a community of people dedicated to providing early-stage emotional support to anyone who needs it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are not a crisis helpline.

Can I talk to a counselor online for free?

7 Cups is a free peer-to-peer counseling platform that provides free online therapy sessions for people who need someone to talk to. This platform provides access to trained listeners that provide non-therapeutic advice on its online platform.

How do you become a listener?

Here are 10 tips to help you develop effective listening skills.

  1. Step 1: Face the speaker and maintain eye contact.
  2. Step 2: Be attentive, but relaxed.
  3. Step 3: Keep an open mind.
  4. Step 4: Listen to the words and try to picture what the speaker is saying.
  5. Step 5: Don’t interrupt and don’t impose your “solutions.”

Does 7 cups cost money?

Is 7cupsoftea free? The cost of 7 Cups depends on which plan you choose. The online community is free to access, but to chat with a licensed therapist, you’re required to sign up for a monthly plan for $150/month.

How do I change my 7cups username?

According to the website: “If you have been on 7 Cups for less than two weeks, you are able to change your username via your Settings page. **We may deny your request without reason or follow-up contact based on our discretion.

Is 7 cups real?

YES! 7 Cups is perfect for teens and adults. The free app offers free online therapy for both. While the trained therapists do cost money to access, there is a 3-Day free trial available.

Where is 7 cups located?

Virginia Beach

Does 7 cups of tea pay listeners?

7 Cups of Tea Employee Reviews for Active Listener. I worked as a listener it doesn’t pay anything and is completely voluntary.

Can I put 7 cups on my resume?

Are only students eligible to intern with 7 Cups of Tea? While this program is geared towards students, anyone with an enthusiasm to help others while learning about mental health is welcome to register. The internship certificate will add great value to any resume for a job or college application.

Is online counseling Safe?

Because online therapy involves patient-therapist communication via computers or mobile devices rather than through face-to-face interactions, security issues come into play that you otherwise wouldn’t worry about. Additionally, some ethical and legal concerns become more complicated with teletherapy.

How do you do online Counselling?

Ethics of Providing Online Therapy: Key Points

  1. If you participate in a teletherapy app, know the app’s policies.
  2. Take proactive steps to secure client data.
  3. Be mindful of scope of practice issues.
  4. Practice good informed consent.
  5. Know your clients.
  6. Set clear expectations for communication.

How do you unblock someone on 7 cups of tea?

Yes, you can, this can be done in settings, under “manage blocked connections”. Please note that this feature is not yet available on app.

What are cheers on 7 cups?

7 Cups of Tea is a caring community. Listeners can earn Cheers, Badges and Compassion Hearts to help quantify their commitment to the community….Cheers.

Completing Listener Training +20
Silver Badge Earned +20
Gold Badge Earned +30
Diamond Badge Earned +40
Platinum Badge Earned +60

Why is it called 7 cups?

7 Cups (formerly called 7 Cups of Tea) is a website (also available in an app) which provides online therapy and free support to people experiencing emotional distress by connecting them with trained listeners. The website derives its name from the eponymous poem by the 9th century Chinese poet Lu Tong.

How do I delete my 7 cups listener account?

How To Delete 7 Cups Account

  1. Go to the following URL “”
  2. On Please choose your Issue Below Select DELETE MY ACCOUNT.
  3. In Subject section, Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.

What is the best online counseling?

Online Therapy: Best Programs of 2021

  • Best Overall: Talkspace.
  • Best Live Chat Sessions: BetterHelp.
  • Best for Couples: Regain.
  • Best for Teens: Teen Counseling.
  • Best for LGBTQ: Pride Counseling.
  • Best for a Quick Consultation: Amwell.
  • Best for Peer Support: 7 Cups of Tea.
  • Best Free Assessment: Doctor on Demand.

Is online counseling effective?

Research has found that online therapy can be effective at treating anxiety, depression, and trauma. There is no difference in patient satisfaction depending on whether therapy is online or in-person, and for either method of receiving therapy, the outcomes are better the more sessions someone attends.

How do I change my profile picture on 7cups?

Click on your profile pic in the top right to open your account drop down menu and select My Settings. Here you can add a little info about yourself, the topics you take and do not take, and a custom photo.

How do you become a verified listener on 7cups?

You will have to register as a listener here on 7cups. Then you will need to complete a few quizzes and test. When you score the correct amount for your test then you will be tested to be a real life listener using a AI. After all that is done and you pass thats when u become a listener.

How can I get a free therapist online?

Here are a few places that might make finding free online therapy a breeze:

  1. Your health insurance provider. With the ongoing pandemic, most health insurances have started to foot the bill of some online therapy platforms.
  2. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).
  3. Your local college or university.
  4. Mental health organizations.

What are the disadvantages of online Counselling?

Some of the Disadvantages of Online Counseling Include:

  • Typing speed can limit the conveyance of information in chat based sessions.
  • People may find it difficult to put complex thoughts and emotions into written words.
  • There is a greater chance of miscommunication between client and therapist.

What is online counseling called?

Online therapy, also known as e-therapy, e-counseling, teletherapy, or cyber-counseling, involves providing mental health services and support over the internet.

Is 7 cups therapy free?

7 Cups offers free, anonymous, trained active listeners and online therapists & counselors. Whether you are going through challening times at home, work, school, or in your relationship, we have an active listener or online counselor ready for you to share your problems in a safe and anonymous way.

How do you use 7 cups?

7 Cups of Tea offers a 3-Day free trial when you create an online account using your email address and provide a recurring payment method. Speak one-on-one with volunteer listeners via chat rooms and get the feel of what an online therapy session is like.

Is 7 cups of tea safe?

7 Cups of Tea is both safe and legit, and more than that. Listeners must pass a course on active listening and are encouraged to develop their skills throughout their time with 7 Cups. The best thing about 7 Cups is that it can be personal, or totally anonymous – you only share what you want to.

Can you talk to people online?

You can basically talk to random strangers anywhere that you go, although the internet hosts a lot of different random chat rooms where you can talk to strangers from all over the world. After that, you just talk with the random stranger in the free chat room about whatever you want.

What are the advantages of online Counselling?

Pros of Online Therapy

  • Good Option for Remote Areas.
  • Accessibility for People With Physical Limitations.
  • Convenience and Affordability.
  • Treatment Is More Accessible.
  • Insurance Companies May Not Cover It.
  • Some States Don’t Allow Out-of-State Providers.
  • Confidentiality, Privacy, and Unreliable Technology.