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Is chemistry required for architecture?

Is chemistry required for architecture?

arch degree Chemistry is nowhere required . A very general form of understanding of calcium rich stones and cement manufacturing is studied. Do you need to be naturally interested in houses building structures to know if studying architecture is right or good for you?

What is the fees for architecture?

B.Arch Course Details

Course B.Arch
Fee Offered Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs
Course Type Regular mode
Starting salary offered Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 4.5 per annum
Advance Courses Master of Architecture, Ph.D. in Architecture

Who is the topper of Nata 2020?

Pramitha S S

What is concept in architecture design?

A concept is an idea, a theory or notion, but in architecture we could also describe a concept as ‘an approach’ to the design. They are a means of translating the non-physical design problem into the physical building product.

What is the salary of B Arch?

Career Opportunities and Average Salary for B. Arch

Job Options Average Salary
Architecture Designer INR 2.5 to 4 lakh
Architecture Engineer INR 3 to 5 lakh
Architectural Assistant INR 2.4 to 3 lakh
Landscape Architect INR 3 to 4 lakh

What is the qualification for architecture?

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) – Course Highlights

Full Form Bachelor of Architecture
Duration of the Programme 05 Years
Eligibility Criteria Class XIIth qualified candidates from Science stream and recognised Board with a minimum overall aggregate of 50% are eligible

What is the concept of architecture?

An architectural concept is the meaning and reason to the end product (the completed building or structure) and is the very first part of the design process to be developed and realised much like a seed is to plant.

Is Jee compulsory for architecture?

Q. Is JEE Main Paper 2 compulsory for architecture? No, it is not but for colleges under JEE Main and JEE Advanced i.e. IITs & NITs accepts JEE score. The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) conducted by Council of Architecture is mandatory for admission to first year BArch.

Which subject is best for architecture?


  1. 1 | MATHS & PHYSICS. Relevant subjects: Mathematics with Calculus. Statistics & Modelling. Physics.
  2. 2 | VISUAL ART. Relevant subjects: Visual Art: Painting, Design, Photography, Sculpture. Graphics. Technology.
  3. 3 | WRITING. Relevant subjects: English. History. Art History. Classics. First Name. Last Name. Email Address.

Why is architecture an art?

Architecture is an art form that reflects how we present ourselves across the earth’s landscape, and, like other expressive mediums, it changes with styles, technologies and cultural adaptations.

Is physics compulsory for architecture?

No, Maths, Physics and Chemistry are compulsory subjects for application to this Course.

What is the use of architectural design?

Architectural design is a process for identifying the sub-systems making up a system and the framework for sub-system control and communication. The output of this design process is a description of the software architecture. Architectural design is an early stage of the system design process.

What is the importance of studying the design and characteristics of architecture?

Answer. It is very important because it is part of our culture that we should know even though it is from the 18th century or 15th. It is also important because how we will know the designs and characteristics of architecture and sculpture of luzon if we will not try to figure out the importance of it.

Is architecture an art or science?

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and structures.