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Is CultureGrams a reliable source?

Is CultureGrams a reliable source?

CultureGrams® is a leading reference resource for reliable cultural information on the countries of the world. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, each concise, reliable and up-to-date report is written and reviewed by local experts, providing users with unique, intimate cultural details from a real insider’s perspective.

What does CultureGrams mean?

CultureGrams™ is a leading reference for concise and reliable cultural information on the countries of the world. With world events increasingly affecting our lives, it’s more important than ever to educate students about the world around them, and for college students and business people to stay up-to-date.

Is CultureGrams a website?

CultureGrams Online links you to all CultureGrams editions, including World, Kids, and States material in an engaging interface.

What is the purpose of a culturagram?

The Culturagram is a family assessment tool I developed to help social workers and others understand better families from different cultural backgrounds.

What is ProQuest CultureGrams?

Proquest CultureGrams Online Database is an electronic database of reports on the countries of the world. These reports provide an insider’s perspective on people’s daily life and culture.

What does an Ecomap do?

Eco-maps are a visual map of a family’s connections to the external world. They provide a useful tool for assessment of family, social and community relationships and highlight the quality of these connections.

How do you make a culturagram?

How to make a culturagram

  1. Once you identify the family you are going to study with, put the names of the family members in the center of the culturagram.
  2. First find out the reasons for relocating.
  3. Identify their legal statuses; for example whether they are illegal immigrants, refugees, or have Green cards.