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Is dairy farming profitable in Maharashtra?

Is dairy farming profitable in Maharashtra?

416 liters of milk are obtained daily from these 35 cattle while the average price of one liter is Rs 60. In this way, his total income per day is Rs 24,960 while the total expenditure per day comes to Rs 14,900. Hence, he gets a net profit of Rs. 3, 01,800 per month which is a huge profit.

Is organic dairy farming profitable?

The organic dairy farms were paid more than twice as much for their milk than conventional dairies, but conventional dairy farms produced nearly 50 percent more milk per cow. In terms of gross income, organic dairy farms earned $1,441 more per cow than conventional farms.

Which cow is best for dairy farming in Maharashtra?

Sahiwal is the best indigenous dairy breed in the country. The average milk yield of sahiwal is between 1400 & 2500 kilograms per lactation.

Where is organic farming done in Maharashtra?

Village Tiwasa, Taluka Yavatmal, District Yavatmal, Maharashtra. The Subhedar family has owned 104 hectares of land since 1850. One hundred years later, in 1950, they started using chemical inputs for the first time but they switched back to organic farming 40 years later, in 1990.

How much does a dairy farm cost?

Depending on where you have your farm, good tillable land can be purchased from anywhere between $1000-$4000/acre. This adds up to an additional $200,000-$800,000 for the land needed to feed the animals. You also need a barn and some type of milking system to house and milk the cows.

How much do organic dairy farmers make?

They make more than just milk, with many dairy farmers producing and selling cheese, yogurt, and butter with their cow’s milk, and eventually even meat from the retired cows. Dairy farmers can make anywhere from $15,000 to $120,000+ a year, with an average of about $43,000 yearly.

How much do organic milk farmers make?

Organic farms earned on average $158,075 from milk sales. Purchased feed and hired labor are the two major expenses in organic milk production.

Which cow is suitable for Maharashtra?

Varieties like Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Rathi, Tharparkar have the capacity to give eight to ten litres of milk, whereas Deoni, Lal Kandhari, Gaolao and Dangi cows have the capacity of giving five to seven litres per day.

Which Indian cow milk is good for health?

Indian Native Cow Milk is full of Minerals and Vitamins: According to the latest reports, science says that A2 milk is consisting of the best combination of Omega fats is good for human health and the Indian breed cows are giving the best quality A2 milk for human consumption.

Which crop is famous in Maharashtra?

Principle crops grown in the state are rice, jowar, bajara, wheat, tur, mung, urad, gram and other pulses. The state is major producer of oilseeds. Groundnut, sunflower, soybean are major oil seed crops. Important cash crops grown are cotton, sugarcane, turmeric and vegetables.

What is organic farming in Maharashtra?

To encourage organic farming in Maharashtra, the State Government has formulated a special policy for the sector. The policy has defined organic farming as an integrated method, which uses local natural resources for farming and which rejects the use of chemicals for cultivation.

Which is the best website for dairy development in Maharashtra?

Users can get details related to Aarey dairy, Kurla dairy, Worli diary, dairy projects, sale rate, purchase rate, milk procurement, milk booth, etc. Information on dairy machinery, packages, dairy handover, cooperative societies, dairy science institute, etc. is also provided.

Which is an integrated dairy farm in India?

It is an integrated Indian dairy farm that undertakes the crucial functions of animal rearing , milk production, processing of its own milk and markets milk & milk products. Unlike most other dairy farms in India which only procure and process milk from other farms.

How many tonnes of milk is produced in Maharashtra?

The dairy farm business is a traditional activity in rural areas of Maharashtra, and it is one of the leading states in terms of milk production with an annual output of 6.7 million tonnes. However, there is no uniformity in different regions in Maharashtra as far as milk production is troubled.

Where is Unnati dairy farm located in India?

The farm is located at Jevali- 413608, Taluk Lohara, District Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India. The GPS coordinates are 17.8881760,76.4193400. You can contact us at info at Unnatiholdings .com to make arrangements for a farm visit.