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Is English a good major?

Is English a good major?

It is useful if you want to go into something that requires good writing or critical thinking. Going to law school is probably the most lucrative option, but you can do lots of writing with an English degree (marketing, journalism, copy reading, advertising, etc.).

Which BA course is best?

In your graduation, you could take up any of the above subjects like history, geography, political science, public administration, philosophy, etc. Economics is also recommended for those who are interested in it.

Is BA English is good for IAS?

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Students with a B.A English (Hons) degree can target UPSC exams for sure. Given the syllabus which the students are made to cover during the three-year programme gives them an advantage over the other exam-takers in many ways.

Which country is best for MSW?

If you want to show up for others and pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work, one of the best places to do it is the United Kingdom. Universities and colleges in the UK have some of the most well-developed Social Work degree studies and social workers are in high demand on the British job market.

Can I go for MBA after BA English?

MBA after BA English is a good choice . All colleges and universities have own differ-2 rules so it depend on college own rules . you can do the eligibility for MBA is minimum 50% marks in degree from a recognized university and good percenti…

What should I do after BA English?

What are the Career Options After English Honours?

  • Journalism.
  • Mass Communication.
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Marketing and Advertising.
  • Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing.
  • Content Writing and Blogging.
  • Creative Writing.
  • Law.

Are communication majors successful?

Communications majors, by default, end up developing a plethora of career-related skills. Through taking a number of communications courses, they also end up being highly effective generalists, meaning they are able to be successful in multiple capacities.

Is MSW difficult?

No course is easy unless the candidate works hard to achieve their respective goals. The course involves plenty of field work as well so candidates have to be dedicated in order to gain experience in the field.

Can I do MSW after BA English?

Originally Answered: Can I study an MSW after a BA in English literature? MSW is a course on people, society, culture and development. It’s about social betterment and if that’s your aim of work and career, them MSW is definitely a good choice. Unlike law and allied subjects, MSW welcomes people from all streams.

Is English major useless?

for a major like english,a degree doesnt get you anywhere but passion does. unlike other majors , english doesnt involve any so–called “pratical” knowledges or skills. If you got passion, then go for it and you ll learn a lot. otherwise, an english degree is USELESS.