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Is Eve a real person in Lila and Eve?

Is Eve a real person in Lila and Eve?

Share: Eve (Jennifer Lopez) is not real. She is a figment of Lila’s (Viola Davis) imagination brought on by the grief of losing her son, Stephon, to a drive by shooting.

What is Lila and Eve movie about?

After the senseless murder of her son (Aml Ameen), a grief-stricken mother (Viola Davis) joins forces with another woman (Jennifer Lopez) for vigilante justice.
Lila & Eve/Film synopsis

Is Lila and Eve a good movie?

Critic Reviews for Lila & Eve For right now it is a compelling indie film. Davis (who was an executive producer on the film) gives a strong performance, as if she were acting in one of those many prestige projects lighting up her resume. It’s a noble try, but this dreck is beyond saving.

Is the movie Lila and Eve based on a true story?

Is Lila & Eve based on a true story? In that case, it shouldn’t be surprising that this vigilante justice story with a psychological thriller bent doesn’t appear to be based on any real events, though it does play into some very familiar themes.

What happened to Eve in the movie Lila and Eve?

Faced with indifference from the police force and barely able to take care of herself and her younger son Justin, Lila joins a support group for mothers of murdered children. There, she meets Eve, whose daughter died. When he pulls a gun on them, Eve shoots him dead, and they flee.

How much money does Viola Davis have?

Viola Davis: $15.5 million.

What is Lila and Eve on Netflix?

Parents need to know that Lila & Eve is a revenge thriller about a grieving mother who takes the law into her own hands when her teenage son is killed in a drive-by shooting. Several scenes featuring shootings that leave victims dead and dying, bleeding on the street.

Is Lila and Eve on Netflix?

Sorry, Lila & Eve is not available on American Netflix, but it’s easy to unlock in USA and start watching!

Where was Lila and Eve filmed?

Atlanta, Georgia
Filming. The filming of the drama Lila & Eve began on January 21, 2014, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Is Lila and Eve Rated R?

My rating: R for violence and language.