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Is Jamie Laing heir to McVities biscuits?

Is Jamie Laing heir to McVities biscuits?

Before Strictly, he was widely known for his stint on E4’s Made in Chelsea – where he was introduced as the sole heir to the McVitie’s biscuits fortune – which, sadly for him, isn’t true. However, Jamie and his family are very fortunate people and he has even amassed an impressive net worth all of his own.

How much will Jamie Laing inherit McVities?

Jamie Laing Net Worth: $10 Million In 1892, Jamie Laing’s great-great-grandfather, Alexander Grant, invented the “Digestive” biscuit, which evolved into the hugely popular U.K. brand McVities. The company was sold to private-equity investors in 2000, but Laing is set to inherit the family fortune.

Who is Jamie Laing dad?

Nicholas Laing
Jamie Laing/Fathers

Are Jamie and Habbs still together?

Sophie Habboo The 27-year-old blonde, nicknamed “Habbs”, is an Instagram influencer as well as appearing on MIC. She and Jamie have been dating since April 2019.

Why is McVities closing?

The historic McVitie’s factory in Glasgow will close next year after its parent company rejected an alternative proposal designed to save jobs at the site.

Does Jamie Laing’s family own Mcvities?

The rumours that Jamie is the sole heir to McVitie’s, is sadly not true. The Laing family is very large and made up of numerous branches of the family tree – Jamie alone has two siblings and four half siblings.

Is Habbs still with Jamie?

Though Sophie might have joined on her own, she is very much still with her boyfriend Jamie Laing, and understandably she says that she really missed him during filming.

Are McVities digestives healthy?

Mcvitie’s Digestive Verdict: As Jane simply states: “Nutrition wise they aren’t awful, but they’re not the best biscuit.” Digestives carry nearly twice as many calories as their Rich Tea relative. Yet, their high wholewheat content makes digestives a good source of fibre which helps provide healthy digestion.

Who is Alex Mytton dating?

Alex is currently dating model Georgina Howard and it was revealed that he whisked her away for a romantic holiday in the Maldives in March 2018.

Who was the founder of the digestive biscuit?

Jamie’s great-great-grandfather, Sir Alexander Grant, invented the digestive biscuit in 1892. When company founder Robert McVitie died without an heir, Alexander was appointed chairman and managing director and left the company to son-in-law Hector Laing, who is Jamie’s great uncle, on his death in 1937.

How did grant McVitie make the digestive biscuit?

Told there were no vacancies, he picked up a scone, examined it closely, and announced cheekily: ‘Ye canna mak’ scones in Edinburgh.’ Amused, McVitie relented and took on the young upstart. Five years later, Grant created the Digestive from a formula he always kept secret.

Who are the manufacturers of McVitie’s chocolate digestives?

History. In 2007, United Biscuits licensed the McVitie’s brand to Meiji Seika Kaisha Ltd for biscuit production in Japan. In 2009 McVitie’s biscuits were voted the most popular biscuits to dunk in tea, with McVitie’s chocolate digestives, Rich tea and Hobnobs ranked the country’s top three favourite biscuits in 2009.

Where was the first McVitie’s biscuit factory located?

The company moved to various sites in the city before completing the St. Andrews Biscuit Works factory on Robertson Avenue in the Gorgie district in 1888. The company also established one in Glasgow and two large manufacturing plants south of the border, in Heaton Chapel, Stockport, and Park Royal, London.