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Is Kobalt only sold at Lowes?

Is Kobalt only sold at Lowes?

It is the house brand for both Lowe’s in North America and their joint venture with the now defunct Masters Home Improvement in Australia….Kobalt (tools)

Product type Hand and mechanics’ tools, power tools, and tool storage
Owner Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
Country United States and China
Introduced 1998

How much does a Kobalt ratchet set cost?

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This item Kobalt 20-Piece Standard (SAE) and Metric Combination Ratchet Wrench Set Amazon Basics Ratcheting Wrench Set – SAE, 9-Piece
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Where are Kobalt ratcheting wrenches made?

Their ratchet wrenches are pretty good as well, and most of the Kobalt tools are manufactured in Taiwan who is a renowned name for making very good tools. Their warranty also doubles in to ensure you have quality and durable service, and if this does not occur, you can always complain to their suppliers.

How many teeth does a Kobalt ratchet have?

Thanks to a 90-tooth count, each ratchet provides a 4° precision arc swing that greatly improves mobility in tight spaces.

Is Kobalt made by Snap on?

So Kobalt is the retail brand of Snap-on tools; Franco-Americaine de Construction d’Outillage Mecanique owns SK-Tools; for the last 5 years Danaher Tools makes Craftsman; Craftsman tools older than 5 years were made by Stanley; Stanley also owns MAC Tools & Proto Tools; Husky brand is made by Stanley Mechanics Tools, a …

Is Kobalt a good brand?

Kobalt tools one of the best-selling tool brands in the US, and for good reason. Kobalt offers high-quality tools that are packed with features at great value. From Kobalt’s innovative small tool line to the heavy-duty, high-quality cordless drills and drivers, the Kobalt collection of power tools will not disappoint.

How do I claim my Kobalt warranty?

File a Kobalt Lifetime Warranty Claim Over the Phone If you want to handle your Kobalt warranty claim via phone, you can call Lowe’s at 1-888-775-6937. Their working hours are 8:30 a.m.–7 p.m. (ET), 7 days a week.

Is Kobalt made by Snap-on?

Will Craftsman Be Made in USA again?

The Fort Worth plant will manufacture a wide range of “Made in the USA” CRAFTSMAN mechanics tools, including sockets, ratchets, wrenches, and general sets, using globally sourced components. Back in December 2020, well into the COVID pandemic, Craftsman announced that their USA-made tools would be coming in 2021.

What ratchet has the most teeth?

Steelman Pro’s Cobra Series 160 Tooth Ratchet features the highest tooth count on the market. Its 160 tooth count means this ratchet requires only a 2.25-degree arc swing (compared with the 5-degrees needed by most other fine teeth ratchets), giving plenty of room when working in tight and cramped spaces.

Are Kobalt Tools as good as craftsman?

Overall Winner: Kobalt Yes, Craftsman is more widely available, but Kobalt offers excellent quality, which is most evident in their tool kit line. Kobalt also offers a better lifetime warranty, because it’s available for most of their products rather than just hand tools.