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Is Lowes paint cheaper than Home Depot?

Is Lowes paint cheaper than Home Depot?

$1,382.50 at Home Depot. On our more general shopping list, 11 products were cheaper at Lowe’s, with average savings of just over 13 percent….Lowe’s vs. Home Depot: Which Has Better Prices and Services?

Product Flat Interior Paint (1 gal.) Valspar Ultra 2000/Behr Premium Plus
Lowe’s $20.98
Home Depot $24.98
Winner/ Savings Lowe’s 16.0%

Is it cheaper to buy paint at Home Depot?

The price differences between the paints, however, likely will not change. To summarize: Behr PRO i100 Series is one of the cheapest Behr interior paints available at Home Depot….White Paints.

Product (1 Gal. White Interior) Glidden Essentials
Flat $15
Eggshell $17
Semi-Gloss $19

Is it better to get paint from Lowes or Home Depot?

Whether you’re painting a bedroom or the front door, you can’t go wrong buying paint at Home Depot. In Consumer Reports paint tests, interior and exterior paints sold at Home Depot clinched many of the top spots. But if you shop at Ace or Lowe’s you can find winners there too.

How much is a gallon of Behr paint at Lowes?

Behr paint can be found in any Home Depot store and online. Price: $14.48 (quart), $33.98 (gallon) – similar prices to Lowe’s. Coverage: 1 gallon = 400 sq. ft.

Will Lowes beat Home Depot prices?

Lowe’s. Lowe’s comes out on top of our price match rankings, because it doesn’t just match prices, it will beat a competitor’s advertised price by 10% if you find a lower one. Its competitor Home Depot does the same, but with more restrictions.

What Behr paint is the best?

The paint department at the Mansfield, Massachusetts, Home Depot told me that Marquee is the best quality paint that Behr offers. It’s a one-coat paint, offering the best overall coverage and durability. They also said that Ultra could cover in one coat, but you often need two. Premium Plus is always a two-coat paint.

What is the cheapest paint color?

The simple answer to why barns are painted red is because red paint is cheap. The cheapest paint there is, in fact. But the reason it’s so cheap?

Does Lowes beat 10% price?

Lowe’s is a good example. Their price match policy currently says: “We guarantee our everyday competitive prices. If you find a lower everyday price on an identical item at a local retail competitor, just bring us the competitor’s current ad, and we’ll beat their price by 10%.

Does Lowes carry Behr Paint?

No, Lowes does not sell Behr Paint in its stores. You will find Behr paint at Home Depot.

Who sells Behr Paint?

Though Behr was once sold in a wide variety of stores, a company merger involving stipulations on sales made Home Depot the sole seller of Behr paints. If you want to buy from Behr, you have to find a Home Depot store near you or buy it online.

Is Behr Paint only sold at Home Depot?

Behr Paint Behr is only sold at Home Depot stores throughout the country and offers their customers a very limited selection. In fact, Behr only has 3 premier products. They include Behr Premium, Plus Ultra, and Behr Marquee.

Where to find Behr Paint?

Yes, Home Depot does sell Behr Paint in its stores. You will find Behr paint at your local Home Depot store. Click the orange button above to find the closest Home Depot to you which sells Behr paint. About Behr Paint. Founder Otho Behr, Jr. began selling linseed oil to paint stores from the back of his woody station wagon soon after world war II.