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Is Mossberg a good gun company?

Is Mossberg a good gun company?

Mossberg’s reputation for building robust, reliable firearms would continue to grow for the next 99 years, but its product line was absent a traditional handgun until 2019. Mossberg’s first pistol in a century makes a solid weapon choice for concealed carry, hiking or even as a bedside pistol.

What ammo does the Mossberg MC1sc use?

The Mossberg MC1SC It’s chambered in 9mm and has a capacity of 6 +1 or 7 +1 depending on the magazine you use. The frame is polymer and the slide is stainless steel with a Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC) for durability.

What kind of gun is the Mossberg 930?

The Mossberg 930 is a soft-recoiling, gas-operated gun that has earned a solid reputation for reliability. There are almost a dozen specialized Model 930 configurations, so the line is really a complete family of autoloaders.

Is the Mossberg 930 the same as the FnH-SLP?

Mossberg 930 SPX Review The 930 SPX firearm has been compared the FNH-SLP, but you cannot honestly compare the two. The 930 is both durable and reliable while packing a modest price tag, all while being made in America. The United States Government and law enforcement trust it and so should you.

Which is the best Mossberg 12 gauge autoloader?

Review: Mossberg 930 12 Gauge Autoloader “A Big Surprise” The Made in the USA Mossberg 930 has been with us for about six years by now. Mossberg has claimed that “RELIABLE AND AFFORDABLE, THIS IS THE BEST VALUE IN 3″ AUTOLOADERS ON THE MARKET TODAY.”

Is the Mossberg 930 tang safety ambidextrous?

The tang safety is ambidextrous. Studs are installed so you are all set for sling use, if desired, right out of the box. The tested model is one of over a dozen configurations currently offered by Mossberg in the 930 basic series alone.