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Is Nordic Naturals legit?

Is Nordic Naturals legit?

Nordic Naturals has a consumer rating of 4.4 stars from 5 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Does Nordic Naturals contain heavy metals?

Every batch of Nordic Naturals products is third-party tested for environmental toxins including heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs, ensuring that every product exceeds international pharmaceutical standards and is at least 750 times purer than fish.

Does Nordic Naturals contain mercury?

Nordic Naturals’ products show no detectable lead or mercury when tested down to 10 ppb, or 10 times below the Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopoeia Standard limits.

Who owns Nordic Naturals?

Joar Opheim
Nordic Naturals was founded in 1995 by Joar Opheim, who is still the company’s CEO. He saw an opportunity to market quality fish oil products in the United States after discovering on his trips from his native Norway that few options for fish oil products existed here.

What is the best omega-3 supplement in Canada?

Healthline’s picks of the best fish oil supplements

  • Barlean’s Ideal Omega3 Softgels.
  • Thorne Omega-3 w/CoQ10.
  • Carlson Labs The Very Finest Fish Oil.
  • Innovix Labs Triple Strength Omega-3.
  • Nature Made Fish Oil Gummies.
  • Viva Naturals Omega-3 Fish Oil.
  • Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil.

Where is Nordic Naturals based?

WHERE ARE NORDIC NATURALS PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED AND ENCAPSULATED? 100% of Nordic Naturals fish oil is manufactured in Norway. Nordic Pharma, Nordic Naturals’ new omega-3 manufacturing plant in Arctic Norway, is one of the most advanced processing plants in the omega-3 industry.

Should I refrigerate Nordic Naturals fish oil?

While fish oil capsules can be stored at room temperature, liquid fish oils should always be stored in the refrigerator once opened because the cool temperature slows down oxidation.

Is Nordic Naturals Made in USA?

Wholly owned and operated by Nordic Naturals, Nordic Pharma is a custom-designed, state-of-the-art plant built to pharmaceutical grade standards. All of our liquid and soft gel products are bottled and encapsulated at our plant in Southern California. All of our gummy products are manufactured in the United States.

Which country is Nordic Naturals from?

Arctic Norway
Nordic Naturals was born in Arctic Norway, where founder Joar Opheim grew up and where fish oil is a part of everyday life.