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Is Okonkwo a villain?

Is Okonkwo a villain?

Okonkwo is a tragic hero in the classical sense: although he is a superior character, his tragic flaw—the equation of manliness with rashness, anger, and violence—brings about his own destruction.

Which wife did Okonkwo beat?


Why does nwoye like the tales of his mother?

Nwoye knew that it was right to be masculine and to be violent, but somehow he still preferred the stories that his mother used to tell, and which she no doubt still told to her younger children—stories of the tortoise and his wily ways, and of the bird eneke-nti-oba who challenged the whole world to a wrestling …

Why does Okonkwo kill his adopted son?

Okonkwo doesn’t wish to look weak, so he cuts the boy down. When Okonkwo returns home, Nwoye intuits that his friend is dead. Something breaks inside him for the second time in his life; the first time was when he heard an infant crying in the Evil Forest, where newborn twins are left to die.

Who is the mother of Ezinma?

He has three wives and many children. Ekwefi – She’s the second wife to Okonkwo and the mother to his daughter Ezinma.

Who is Mr Kiaga?

Mr. Kiaga is an Igbo man, and he speaks Ibo, the main language in the novel. He is part of the group of missionaries that comes to Mbanta while Okonkwo is living there with his mother’s clansmen. Kiaga speaks the language, he serves as an interpreter for the white missionary who comes to Mbanta.

Who are the three wives of Okonkwo?

Ezinma and Ekwefi have a relationship that resembles sisters more than mother-daughter. Ojiugo is the third wife; she and Okonkwo have a daughter named Nkechi. Okonkwo has another adopted son, Ikemefuna. Okonokwo’s father is Unoka.

Why was nwoye’s soul parched?

The image of the words of the hymn as raindrops relieving Nwoye’s “parched soul” refers not only to relief from the arid, desertlike heat with which Africa is commonly associated but also to the act of bringing Nwoye out of his supposed ignorance and into enlightenment through Christianity.