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Is quick support legit?

Is quick support legit?

Do Not Download QuickSupport or AnyDesk A fraudster posing from companies like Apple or your financial institutions may ask for you to download the AnyDesk or TeamViewer QuickSupport app software in efforts to gain control of your computer and bank accounts.

How do I connect to quick support?


  1. Download the free TeamViewer QuickSupport app from Google Play or Apple Store.
  2. Open the QuickSupport app and locate your ID number.
  3. Provide that number to your help desk provider.
  4. Your help desk provider will request a remote connection.
  5. When you accept the connection, the remote session will begin.

How do I download quick support?

On your iOS or Android mobile device, go to the app store. Search for Teamviewer Quicksupport and download the app. Alternatively, browse to TeamViewer Mobile Apps, select your mobile device Operating System, and then tap Download on the App/Play Store.

How does quick support work?

How does quick support work? With quick support, the end-user generally downloads and runs a small program that displays an access code. The user gives the access code to the technician.

What do I do if I get scammed remotely access to my computer?

If you gave a scammer remote access to your computer, update your computer’s security software. Then run a scan and delete anything it identifies as a problem. If you gave your user name and password to a tech support scammer, change your password right away.

Does Microsoft support use TeamViewer?

TAMPA BAY, Fla., September 2, 2020 – TeamViewer, a leading global provider of secure remote connectivity solutions, announced a new integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to launch TeamViewer remote support and augmented reality (AR) connections from within the Microsoft Teams environment.

Is TeamViewer quick support free?

Why People ❤️ TeamViewer for Personal Use In a world where monthly expenses add up quickly, TeamViewer is free for personal use. This can’t be overstated. There are no fees, no time limits, and no subscriptions.

Is TeamViewer a virus?

TeamSpy infects computers by tricking people into downloading a malicious attachment and enabling macros. After that, the malware secretly installs TeamViewer, giving the cybercriminals full control of the infected computer.