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Is Sikkens worth?

Is Sikkens worth?

Sikkens is a world class product that is head and shoulders against other deck stains, oils and look alikes. Been using Sikkens for 23 years and have always been satisfied. Not cheap, but worth ever dollar. Takes 24 hours to dry and looks terrific when cured.

Is Sikkens paint any good?

Sikkens paints and varnishes are simply the very best. Of course, if you cannot apply these products well then it may be disappointing, but they will probably extend the life of any exterior work regardless of what level of painting you are at – and can be used internally.

What happened to Sikkens?

Now the Sikkens branding has been dropped from the label altogether and replaced entirely with “PPG ProLuxe.” Per their purchase agreement, PPG has now dropped all additional Akzo Nobel trademarked names.

How long does Sikkens SRD last?

If Cetol is kept under these conditions, one can expect a typical shelf life of three years. A simple trick to help maintain the Cetol product is to prevent it from oxidizing by reducing the amount of air in the can, the same as you would for any other air dry product.

Does sikkens go off?

Sikkens is a film forming stain, kind of like a transparent paint. Sikkens states in their literature that you should expect to get 2-4 years life out of their system on a sunny side of a house, and 3-5 years on a shady side. At this point, maintenance should be performed.

Does screwfix sell sikkens?

sikkens Paint | Painting |

Is sikkens cetol oil-based?

A traditional oil-based coating, formulated to transform timber colour, deeply penetrate, nourish, seal and protect. Cetol HLSe is designed for use as a part of coating systems on decks, doors, windows, cladding, screens and outdoor furniture.

Can I paint over sikkens?

Registered. Yes that is what they want to do. Cover with a solid paint over the sikkens.

Can you use Sikkens SRD on unfinished wood?

Protection from water damage, UV radiation, and Mold. Sikkens SRD penetrates deep into the wood and does not film on top of the wood. Containing Translucent Iron Oxide Pigments, PPG Proluxe (Sikkens) SRD can be used on all unfinished exterior wood.

Can a Sikkens deck be used in the Sun?

In shade areas it is OK but not in the sun. Must be designed for colder climates use only. Instructions state to weather deck for 6 months and then sand it back. We use dome head deck nails in QLD so you cannot sand them off. Read their ins… tructions and you will see the built in loop holes for Sikkens to ignore warranty.

Is the Sikkens cetol deck a good product?

It is a very good product, but with limitations. The two biggest problems we have encountered is that the time between treatment/costs is always sooner than the product material suggests. The second is most of Sikkens products are a stain Vs. a strict oil protective coating. After a few coats the natural timber grain is lost under the stain.

What’s the difference between Sikkens stain and oil?

The second is most of Sikkens products are a stain Vs. a strict oil protective coating. After a few coats the natural timber grain is lost under the stain. This combined with a tendency to attract and absorb dirt sees the timber get very dark very quickly.