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Is smaug good or bad?

Is smaug good or bad?

All dragons we learn of are involved in acts of evil against the forces of good. Smaug was the greatest of the dragons in the Third Age and it was in his very nature as a dragon to attack Erebor and claim the treasure for himself. The gold did not corrupt him, he is inherently greedy and wicked.

Why is Bilbo not a hero?

As opposed to the classic epic hero, Bilbo does not also fight great wars; he tends to be protected by chance and luck, what can be confirmed in the biggest brawl in The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies, where Bilbo doesn’t take a direct part in because he was knocked out.

What are some character traits of Bilbo Baggins?

Cleverness, courage, and compassion are all character traits Bilbo possesses. He is humble, yet unafraid to speak his mind. For instance, when Thorin wanted to withhold all of the treasure from the Lakemen and the Elves, Bilbo used his wits and delivered the Arkenstone to the “other side”.

What is the goal of The Hobbit?

The Hobbit is set within Tolkien’s fictional universe and follows the quest of home-loving Bilbo Baggins, the titular hobbit, to win a share of the treasure guarded by Smaug the dragon. Bilbo’s journey takes him from light-hearted, rural surroundings into more sinister territory.

Is Smaug the last dragon?

Smaug was the last named dragon of Middle-earth. He was slain by Bard, a descendant of Girion, Lord of Dale.

Are balrogs stronger than dragons?

On the whole: Balrogs beat Dragons, in fact Balrogs used to ride Dragons into battle. However, not all dragons are equal and not all Balrogs are equal. Smaug was rather pathetic compared to many of the dragons who fought in the War of Wrath like Ancalagon the Black.

What does the dragon symbolize in The Hobbit?

Smaug, the dragon, represents bullies. Everyone knew Smaug, the infamous dragon. Smaug stole Laketown’s precious jewels, bullies steal everyone’s lunch money as well. Even though he didn’t need all the treasure, he thought he needed it because he felt power.

Does smaug eat gold?

From what I understand, Smaug is a beast that must eat other living things to sustain himself. For example, he does not “eat” gold and jewels, he simply admires and covets them. It’s implied that he ate a good deal of dwarves, men, ponies, etc., during his attack on Erebor.

Why did smaug die so fast?

The arrow struck the dragon in the chest but the only damage was to destroy a protective scale. When Smaug attacks Laketown after the Dwarves reach the mountain, Bard uses the last large iron Black Arrow to kill Smaug by strickimg him in the exact spot that his forebearer did many years earlier.

Is Bilbo a dwarf?

Bilbo is a respectable Hobbit of good family. So no, Bilbo is not a Dwarf.

Is smaug Sauron?

Smaug was the last of the great fire drakes of the north (quite possibly not the last dragon, but apparently the last one to be relevant to history), and the race of dragons was ultimately a creation of Sauron’s former master, Morgoth.

What if Smaug got the ring?

The ring would still use Smaug for its own purposes and eventually he would diminish, just as Smeagol did. It would eventually destroy him, just like anyone else. This is all assuming he could even use the ring.

How is smaug finally defeated?

He waits until the moon rises, and then shoots his final arrow, the Black arrow. The arrow goes straight through the dragons heart, which causes smaug to die. This is the end of Dale and the Dragon.

What are some symbols in the Hobbit?

The Hobbit | Symbols

  • The Hidey Hole. Bilbo’s home in the Shire is described as perfectly clean, cozy, and homey.
  • Swords. The swords—Orcrist and Glamdring—are classic symbols of heroism.
  • The Ring. Gollum’s ring symbolizes power.
  • The Arkenstone.
  • Darkness and Light.

What are 10 characteristics of a hobbit?

List 10 characteristics of hobbits. no beards, fat, wear bright colors, no shoes, hairy feet, deep laughs, long brown fingers, good-natured faces, eat a lot, move quickly and quietly.

Why did smaug take the mountain?

Smaug attacked the Lonely Mountain because he was attracted to the gold of the dwarves. He came from the North but no one knows exactly. His motives were to make the gold his own because all dragons have a lust for gold.

What is ironic about the way in which Smaug is killed?

Situational Irony ‘With a shriek that deafened men, felled trees and split stone, Smaug shot spouting into the air, turned over and crashed down from on high in ruin. Full on the town he fell. ‘ Yes, they finally got rid of the dragon, but when it lands on the town, the town is destroyed.

What does smaug symbolize in The Hobbit?

Smaug very clearly and explicitly represents greed; it is stated in Thorin’s exposition early in the story that all dragons hoard wealth, particularly gold and jewels.

Why is smaug obsessed with gold?

He’s the ultimate representation of useless greed. He seeks money for no purpose. When Thorin begins to be taken by the lust for gold at the end he becomes more like Smaug… he gets power, he hoards his gold, rather than sharing it with those who had been hurt by his power grab or even those who had helped him.

What is Smaug’s weakness?

Aware of this vulnerability, Smaug deliberately had spent years sprawled on the wealth of his hoard, allowing diamonds and hard gemstones to be embedded into his belly, armoring his only weakness. However, while examining the dragon, Bilbo noticed a single bare patch on the monster’s left breast, nearest his heart.