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Is Tartarus gear better than waterworks?

Is Tartarus gear better than waterworks?

Hades gear was another set that was generally considered the best available. But at level 90, Tartarus was still a fairly difficult dungeon. Waterworks, which still offered great gear, was much easier 30 levels later (as Tartarus is now at level 130).

Is Tartarus gear good?

Tartarus really isn’t worth it at all considering the time it can take and how bad the drop rates are. On top of that exalted gear isn’t too far ahead so it will all be for nothing.

Is Tartarus worth farming?

While Tartarus gear is very good, the dungeon is much more difficult and very long than most other dungeons up to this point in the game. With Darkmoor/exalted duel gear just 10 levels later, it’s not really worth spending a lot of time farming this dungeon.

What is the best gear for level 90 Wizard101?

Hades Gear from the Tartarus dungeon is the best gear you can obtain for a level 90 character. Although the gear is powerful and a clear step up from Waterworks, I wouldn’t recommend wasting time acquiring. Instead continue till level 100 and then go for Darkmoor Gear.

What level is Tartarus?

Level version 8 (Riot) 1 (Dolphy)
Last updated in 2.1
Composer DJ-Nate

How hard is it to get Waterworks gear?

Waterworks: An Essential Wizard101 Dungeon In Wizard101, Waterworks is a dungeon found in Crab Alley for players level 60 and up. This gear can be difficult to get, however, because this dungeon has cheating bosses (bosses with special rules for fighting them) inside.

Is Tartarus harder than bloodbath?

Tartarus is the first 1.9-decorated Demon since Sonic Wave that has been at the #1 spot on the Demon List. It’s also the second #1 Demon hosted by Riot, after Bloodbath. The Tartarus victors tend to agree that it is slightly above Zodiac difficulty.

Is Waterworks gear better than Wintertusk?

Re: Wintertusk gear vs waterworks gear They are pretty close. Most of the Waterworks gear is a little better on stats, but it takes a while to get it, so you can craft the WT set, then upgrade to WW as you get it. The extra buffs from the WT gear can come in handy so you might want to mix the two anyway.

Can you get Waterworks hat from final boss?

There are two Waterworks bosses that drop the items you’ll be after. You’ll encounter Luska Charmbeak about halfway through the dungeon, and this boss drops Waterworks hats.

Is Orochi harder than Tartarus?

It is harder than Tartarus, and will most likely be one of the hardest demons in the game when it is verified.

Is Tartarus the hardest level?

Tartarus is the hardest level to be completed as someone’s first Top 150 level, being beaten by Polterghast12 on June 27, 2021. Tartarus is part of the player-made “New RGB trilogy”, along with Sonic Wave Infinity and The Golden.

When do you Drop Poseidon’s gear in Tartarus?

Poseidon Gear Drop Guide (Tartarus) | Wizard101. Poseidon first shows up in Atlantea, but reappears for the final showdown in Tartarus at level 90. While his gear sets don’t get much attention, they are really some nice offensive pieces, and boots are a solid choice in general.

When does Hades gear drop in Tartarus final bastion?

Hades gear drops after wizards complete the final battle in Tartarus against Hades’ the Unseen and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon. For more information on this dungeon, read Heather’s Tartarus Guide with accompanied with video.

Which is the best gear set for Tartarus?

The school critical is 262-354. This is a good all around set for a level 90 wizard. However, you may find it better to mix and match pieces to fit your style of PvP. On the other hand, there is Darkmoor waiting for you just 10 levels away with some truly upgraded gear.

What kind of Wands does Hades drop in Tartarus?

Here are the wands that Hades drops – one for each school. They offer piercing, universal critical, and school-specific critical. Ice is a little different and offers block instead of pierce. These wands are also dropped by Cronus in Tartarus. (Feel free to click these images to enlarge them.)