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Is the Lancet public health a good journal?

Is the Lancet public health a good journal?

The Lancet Public Health is an internationally trusted source of public health knowledge. The Lancet Public Health has an Impact Factor of 21·648 and is the world-leading public health research journal (2020 Journal Citation Reports ®, Clarivate 2021).

What is the Impact Factor of the Lancet digital health?

The Lancet Digital Health has its first partial Impact Factor of 24·519 and is the world-leading journal dedicated to digital health, ranking first among 30 journals in medical informatics and seventh among 169 general and internal medicine journals (2020 Journal Citation Reports ®, Clarivate 2021).

How long does it take to hear back from Lancet?

Following in The Lancet tradition, The Lancet Haematology will Fast Track peer-review original research, aiming to provide a decision within 2-4 weeks and online publication within 8 weeks of submission.

Is The Lancet Oncology peer reviewed?

The journal is now the world-leading clinical oncology periodical publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed research (especially reports from clinical trials), reviews, comment and opinion, weekly news, and Commissions (typically in partnership with societies, governments, NGOs, and academic centres).

Is the Lancet indexed by the journal impact factor?

We recognise that the Journal Impact Factor is just one measure of a journal’s performance and encourage authors to explore additional journal impact metrics, which provide a means to assess our journals. The Lancet is also indexed by the following abstracting and indexing services:

When did The Lancet Oncology Medical Journal start?

Loading issues… The Lancet Oncology was launched in September, 2000, as a lively and informative monthly journal covering international issues relevant to clinical cancer specialists worldwide.

Who is the editor in chief of the Lancet?

Dr David Collingridge has been Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet Oncology since March 2002, and is also the Publishing Director for The Lancet ’s Specialty Journals.

Are there any conferences in the Lancet Oncology?

The Lancet Oncology convenes many conferences, either alone or in collaboration with partners. Events include branded plenary lectures and sessions at conferences worldwide; the long-running Asian Oncology Summit series; Oncology At The Limits; Frontiers of Oncology; Advancing Cancer Immunotherapy; and The Lancet Summit, to name just a few.