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University HealthCare Alliance (UHA) contracts with various Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO).

What does UHA 3000 cover?

** Covered, including prenatal, false labor, delivery, and postnatal services provided by your physician or midwife. Maternity care does not include related services such as nursery care, labor room, hospital room and board, diagnostic testing, and other lab work and radiology.

What type of insurance is UHA?

UHA Health Insurance is an insurance company specializing in medical, drug, and vision insurance plans.

Why is United HealthCare so bad?

According to the AAJ report, UnitedHealth has been accused of bad faith insurance practices, such as: Misrepresenting products. In 2007, the federal government suspended UnitedHealth from marketing its Medicare Advantage program after it found that the insurer was misrepresenting its products.

What does UHa stand for?


Acronym Definition
UHa United Homeowners Association
UHa Under House Arrest
UHa Uganda Honey Bee-Keepers Association
UHa United Hackers Organization

Is UHa United Healthcare?

Although UHA practices go by a variety of names, the billing/insurance entity is called University HealthCare Alliance.

What does UHA insurance stand for?

How did UHA get its name? In 1996, a group of physician teachers at the University of Hawaii John A. They created the University Health Alliance to bring a simpler, more caring approach to employee health insurance.

What is a healthcare alliance?

One of the ways healthcare is increasing its survival rates is to partner with others in the community, or the region, to become stronger. This is called strategic alliances, which bring together those who can help one another and thereby, help the patients.