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Is Viking River Cruises good?

Is Viking River Cruises good?

Excellent trip, excellent food and excellent crew. Probably the best riverboat cruise we have taken. The staff and accommodations were exceptional! At his was our second Viking River cruise and it was excellent.

Is Viking River Cruises going out of business?

Viking Cruises has announced that its river and ocean operations will remain on hold through May 31, 2021, which means cruises won’t resume until June at the very earliest. It’s now been almost one year since Viking first suspended operations in March 2020, the first cruise line in the world to do so.

How do I get the best deal on a Viking River cruise?

Here are nine tips to help you get the best value out of your river cruise:

  1. Book early for selection or book late for discounts.
  2. Ask questions about what’s included.
  3. Consider opting for a “French balcony” for more space.
  4. Compare apples to apples.
  5. You can save by booking a lower deck cabin.
  6. Organize a group and save.

What is the average cost of a Viking River cruise?

Prices vary according to the cruise duration and destinations, but typically, they fall within the $1,699-$4,999 range. Note that there are many Viking River Cruises in Europe that fall under the $2,000 price point, which makes them surprisingly affordable.

Which Viking cruise is best?

#1. Viking Orion. Viking Ocean Cruises. #1 in Best Viking Cruises (tie)

  • #1. Viking Sun. Viking Ocean Cruises. #1 in Best Viking Cruises (tie)
  • #3. Viking Sea. Viking Ocean Cruises. #3 in Best Viking Cruises (tie)
  • #3. Viking Star. Viking Ocean Cruises.
  • #3. Viking Sky. Viking Ocean Cruises.
  • #6. Viking Jupiter. Viking Ocean Cruises.
  • Why are Viking river cruises so expensive?

    River cruises often appear expensive because they include a lot compared to land-based vacations or mainstream ocean cruises. As a general rule river cruises include food, excursions, and drinks. River cruising is a luxurious way to travel and the price reflects this.

    Is Viking airplus worth it?

    Viking’s air packages are a great value because they include your transfers between airport and ship or hotel. And when you reserve your air with Viking and purchase Viking’s all-inclusive travel protection coverage, your air travel is covered by the policy as part of your Viking itinerary.

    What is the average age on a Viking River cruise?

    Viking River is not for the young of body or of heart…. average age 70 and older.

    Why are Viking River Cruises so expensive?

    What is the average age on Viking cruises?

    Average age ( on all of the Viking cruises which we have done – 5) is from mid 50s to late 70s.

    Are Viking cruises expensive?

    If you’ve cruised before, you know that Viking cruises are…well, expensive. You can expect to pay several thousand dollars for your trip (although rates vary greatly by route and month), which seems costly compared to the $500-600 rates you’d find from other cruise companies.

    What to expect on a Viking Ocean cruise?

    On board, guests will find luxury features and modern conveniences all tastefully packaged in a medium-sized ship built for comfort. Unlike the larger ocean-liners, Viking ships can sail straight into the heart of a destination, allowing guests more time to explore.

    Who owns Viking Cruise Lines?

    Viking Cruises is a privately owned company (owned by MISA Investments) with headquarters in the United States and Switzerland.

    Are river cruises boring?

    Some river cruise lines are all-inclusive, while others charge for many “extras.” River cruises are boring: River cruise boats don’t have ice skating rinks, climbing walls, basketball courts, zip lines, multiple dining rooms or on-board shopping malls, but that doesn’t mean one’s time aboard them will be boring.

    What is the size of a Viking Cruise ship?

    Being one-third the size of many cruise ships being built by major cruise lines, this allows the Viking Star-class to enter into smaller ports. Its overall length is 745.4 ft. (227.2 m); its beam is 94.5 ft. (28.8 m); the draft is 20.7 ft.