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Moodlecloud – New Free Hosting for Moodle-Sites

Advantages of MoodleCloud.

  • Hosting is free for all users.
  • No need to buy hosting and domain name, install and update Moodle.
  • Users of MoodleCloud always have the latest version of Moodle, as updates happen automatically.
  • It is possible to choose where the server for your site will be located territorially: in the USA, Australia or Ireland.
  • To protect against spammers, a mobile phone authentication system is installed, and not by e-mail.

The size of the database is not limited.

A free version of the BigBlueButton video conferencing program is available, the maximum number of participants is 6 people, video conference recording is impossible.

Limitations of MoodleCloud.

A maximum of 50 users.

Maximum 200 Mb of disk space. Large files (videos, large PDFs, and so on) will need to be stored on a cloud-based service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, rather than uploading them directly to MoodleCloud.

  • Only basic themes and plug-ins are available.
  • Only one site can be attached to one phone number.
  • There are ads – small advertising banners Google ads.

Who is MoodleCloud for?

For tutors and small educational organizations that cannot provide the technical support and / or cannot afford to install and maintain Moodle, payment for hosting is not allowed.

For those who want to familiarize themselves with the basic functions of the platform, to determine if it meets their needs.

As a small supplement, I can say that they have great technical support. The first time I tried to register a website, I did not receive an SMS. I applied to technical support, where I was promptly responded, dropped the registration, asked to try registering the site again, and not close the browser tab in case the SMS does not come again, promising to send me the code to e-mail if necessary. So, based on my personal experience, the availability of responsive technical support can also be attributed to the pluses of this hosting.