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Must have skills to Junior Developer according to a HR Manager

As the market for IT professionals is developing by leaps and bounds, the glut in the market novice developers reflected in working conditions and wages. A large number of poor quality courses are dumping the market of low-skilled personnel.

The applicant is faced with a huge number of uninteresting and routine projects and proposals. A large amount of work falls on the shoulders and recruiters to choose right candidate for a particular position. How to deal with it?

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Skills for Junior Developer in terms of a HR Manager

The first thing I would like to draw the attention of novice developers is the reinforcement of theoretical knowledge by practice. One desire is not enough to enter IT. Following the course, you will not receive in full the skills you need at work. A way out of this situation – to participate in more projects and developments, even free of charge. You will get experience and pool of useful knowledge in technology. To connect to projects using freelance or like-minded friends. Create your own small projects, asked to join the developers on GitHub. Or submit your resume to the company and ask that you send a test job. Making them, you will learn many interesting things and will be able to create a small portfolio.

With increasing competition, tougher selection of candidates in the primary stage of the evaluation of the applicant as an HR Manager or recruiter. At the interview, their main task is to evaluate your Soft skills. What are these soft skills? It’s your skills that help you as a work unit, efficiently and effectively work in a team and to be a full participant with maximum efficiency. Basic skills are the ability to communicate, motivation, leadership, time and self-development. Key among the entire line are motivation and self-development, because without the desire to grow professionally no bonuses and buns will not help. They sharpen their attention HR managers because of massive “money” interest of this field of candidates.

Prepare to be a programmer, you need to remember about the high level of knowledge of the English language. Besides the fact that the documentation and specifications written in English required conversational skills. Communication with the customer or client, TK, and sometimes even communication within the team are also in English. The certificate or diploma of a language course will be beneficial to distinguish you against other candidates.

Summarizing, we can say that the ideal candidate for the position – this is the man who can blend into the team quickly and is interested in the area in which the company moves forward.