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Should I help Klimmek or Bassianus?

Should I help Klimmek or Bassianus?

I usually go with Klimmek to be honest, because Bassianus goes to Riften and basically lives in poverty. If you go with Bassianus in the Book of Love quest, then he takes Fastred with him and they both live in poverty.

What happens if you talk to Klimmek instead of Bassianus?

Confronting Klimmek will result in the fisherman realizing that he must be assertive with his feelings for Fastred, and let her know that he wants to be with her. Additionally, if this path is taken, Bassianus will move to Riften alone. Speaking with Bassianus will result in Fastred and Bassianus eloping to Riften.

Where do I find Klimmek?

Klimmek is a trader who makes deliveries from Ivarstead to High Hrothgar. He can be found on the road out of Ivarstead to High Hrothgar on various occasions.

How do I give Klimmek supplies?

Simply open the chest, search your inventory under Misc for Klimmert’s supplies, place it in the chest, and close the chest.

Why is bassianus Riften?

Bassianus Axius is a Nord citizen and a resident of Ivarstead where he works as a fisherman. A lover of Fastred, Bassianus’ desire is for both of them to leave for Riften against the wishes of Fastred’s father, Jofthor.

Where is the long dead lover?

New main objective: Talk to the long-dead lover Head out of the temple, open the world map and find your destination, the Gjukar’s Monument (screen above). It’s in the central part of Skyrim and can be reached by e.g. starting at Rorikstead (you’d have to go east) or Whiterun (west).

How do you get the word of power from Einarth?

Wait for Einarth to say the Word of Power and afterwards approach the sign on the ground (screen above). It will let you learn the Word of Power – Balance, Unrelenting Force.

What happens if you read all the etched tablets?

Reading all of the tablets grants the Voice of the Sky effect for 24 hours, which prevents animals from either attacking or fleeing from you, and they do not have to be read in numerical order.

Who is Klimmek and what does he do in Skyrim?

Skyrim:Klimmek. Klimmek is a Nord citizen and a resident of Ivarstead. He’s sharing his house with Bassianus Axius, who was looking for a job and a place to live, both currently working together as fishermen.

How does Klimmek get along with Bassianus Axius?

He’s sharing his house with Bassianus Axius, who was looking for a job and a place to live, both currently working together as fishermen. However, they don’t get along very well. Klimmek thinks Bassianus is spending too much time coming up with new ideas to make profit instead of actually fishing.

Where does Klimmek go on his next trip?

After the conversation, Klimmek returns to his usual business. Everyone in town knows about his trips to the monastery, and as such, the busybody innkeeper Wilhelm may inquire about Klimmek’s next trip when he’s visiting the Vilemyr Inn: Wilhelm: “You heading up to High Hrothgar soon, Klimmek?”

How long does Klimmek stay at vilemyr Inn?

At 1pm, he heads over to the Vilemyr Inn to have lunch for an hour, then afterwards gets back to fishing. After four hours, he’ll head back to the inn for a one hour dinner. He returns to fishing for another four hours, finally going back to bed at 12am to have a short night’s sleep. On weekends however, he stays home instead of going fishing.