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Start a career in IT

In our country in recent time there is a big problem with employment, especially among recent graduates and young professionals. That is why the project was created Labitex – specialized IT job market, helping candidates connected with IT field, successfully to find a job.

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Early career

In this article, we will discuss the main challenges and trivia faced by the applicant when seeking employment.

Task recruitment agencies to find work. The IT labor exchanges another problem. She offers work, but at the same time, if the applicant is not suitable to the employer the level of knowledge, the exchange of labor sends it to the training.

Labor exchange is not only a buffer between the applicant and the employer, it provides training in the partner training centers. The project Labitex works with schools, colleges, universities, training centers and IT companies.

The simplest thing to get you started – compiling a professional resume. After all, few people know how it should look, how to create it. Our HR Department helps you create a resume.

When writing your CV you need to pay attention as to its form and content. There are many ways of formatting, structuring and formatting of the summary. It is worth remembering that incorrectly designed and insufficiently informative summary of the causes of failure in 40% of cases. Conversely, well-written CV can show strengths, even not very experienced candidate and to interest the employer. Labitex in the process of working with IT companies knows what information he wants to see the employer, as in a resume to emphasize your strengths and hide weak ones.

Social networks

The problem is that candidates do not fully understand the importance of their social profiles how they look. They don’t know that social networks are viewed by the employer always. Experts Labitex advise what should be the content and photos, say that you need to specify the experience, many people use social networks not in order to show their achievements. You also need to have an account in LinkedIn. Every HR knows that in this social network is also looking for employees. Profile on LinkedIn is an integral part in finding a job, especially in the field of IT.

The interview with HR

Jokingly, Labitex call this service a bike. The structure of the interview in IT companies is as follows: first the applicant passes the interview with HR is like a sieve, where leave need the right people, and the rest sent home.

Everyone should understand that HR cannot be hired. The HR function –transfer the person to interview next technician, or refuse. HR itself cannot make decisions about hiring. Few can imagine what an interview with HR, then HR will have to wait for that the candidate needs to speak.

The interview with HR in Labitex – rehearsal interview. Our HR will explain why he asks certain questions, as it will use the information received, on what to pay attention to, and what not. After that, the applicant is much easier as when it comes to combat interview with HR, he already understands what he wants and what he will say. The interview is not an exam which You either pass or you don’t. It is solely the partnership agreement of the two parties. Do not be afraid of the interview. You need to understand what You want from the company and what it can give You.


We are working on the interestingness, usefulness, functionality workshops. The key seminar, it is also the most complicated, takes about 6 hours and is called “the Right resume and how to pass the first interview in IT company”. On it we see how to create a resume, what it should be and what should not be. All workshop participants fill out questionnaires, which we then transform in summary, according to the requirements of the employer. Many do not even understand how it should look, because no one explains. We are talking about form and content. At the same seminar we also consider how to interview with HR, that HR wants to hear from the applicant that the applicant should ask HR.

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Personal assistant

To get the job, candidate must know a lot and be able much. Labitex cooperates with training centers, because for our company it is very important that the output of the training centers all the specialists were well-prepared. Competition is great, the IT market is crowded. Therefore, the expert must be qualified and understand what it will require.

A personal assistant works in all of our partner training centers, teaching assistant – personal assistant, he as a trainer in the gym that will monitor Your individual learning process. Initially, a personal assistant generates a training plan and controls its execution. He draws a timeline can illustrate what to learn, how to learn and what the student will receive upon completion of training. Personal assistant calls regularly, writes its customers.

Thirty percent of the students training centers do not understand why they are learning what they want to be. Personal assistant created in order to support the learning process and to monitor the quality of training. For example, the timeline can be moved because of the failure of homework. Personal assistant also assists with homework. It’s not always during training, everything is clear, and the person is able to explain difficult moments.

A personal assistant is internship plan. The reality is that junior technician should have experience from two years. A graduate of the University cannot go to the post of junior-and, because he has no such experience. It’s a vicious circle. Labitex provides the necessary experience.

When a personal assistant that draws a timeline, the student realizes that he has, for example, six months in order to learn. And assistant understand that he has six months to find an internship. The average training of a young specialist in the field of IT – 4-5 months. Personal assistant comes to the company-partner and agree on a probation for his client. If Labitex is taken for the training of the candidate, it can be high-quality, prospective employee IT company.

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The article was considered to interfere with the applicant to get a job in a desired IT company: poorly written resume, poor social network, fear and inability to pass an interview with HR-specialist, lack of knowledge, low skills, lack of work experience. Also considered services HR professionals to help you resolve problems and achieve the desired office by the applicant.