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What are cam and groove fittings?

What are cam and groove fittings?

A cam and groove coupling, also called a cam-lock fitting, is a type of hose coupling. These fittings are popular because they are a simple and reliable means of connecting and disconnecting hoses quickly and without tools.

How are cam and groove couplings measured?

How to Measure A Cam and Groove (Camlock) Fitting

  1. Female camlock size is determined by measuring the open end or inside diameter of the female camlock.
  2. Male camlock size is determined by measuring the outside diameter of the male camlock.

What are the different types of Camlocks?

The different types of Cam lock fittings (Standard Types)

  • Type A – male adaptor with female NPT thread.
  • Type B – female cam coupler with Male NPT thread.
  • Type C – female cam coupling with hose barb end.
  • Type D – female cam coupler with FNPT Thread.
  • Type E – cam adaptor with hose barb end.

Are camlock fittings interchangeable?

Are Camlocks Interchangable? Between manufacturers, cam & groove couplings are interchangeable as they are built to the same standards. (The standard for cam & groove couplings is based on the US military specification Mil-C-27487 now superseded by A-A-59326D.

What is a cam lock fitting?

First and foremost, camlock fittings are a type of hose coupling. This means that they are a way to connect or disconnect a hose or pipe in a speedy, efficient way without having to involve complex tools or equipment. These connections guarantee tight and secure bonds because of the way that the cams lock into place.

What size cam lock do I need?

The correct way to measure a lock cylinder for length is by the threads. The correct way to measure for width is by the two flat spots. Therefore, based on the photo you attached, you will need a 7/8″ long lock cylinder like the Camco Cam Lock part # CAM44323 if your two flat spots measure to be 5/8″.

What is a cam and groove gasket?

Cam and groove gaskets fit in the grooves of the female camlock or cam and groove couplings. The pressure of the fitting pushes against the gasket to create a tight seal.

Are cam locks secure?

A cam lock is a type of fastener that is often used in cabinet construction. Cam locks allow the cabinets to be held securely together without affecting the outward appearance. Some types of cam locks will secure the cabinet door completely for privacy. These locks require a key in order for the cabinet to be opened.

Are cam locks a standard size?

Standard Cam Lock Length & Dimensions The standard lengths for cam locks are including 5/8″, 7/8″, 1-1/8″ and 1-3/8″.

Cam and groove is a kind of quick connect coupling usually used in industry. A cam and groove coupling, also called a camlock fitting, is a form of hose coupling.

Camlock Fittings. Cam Lock Fittings (quick connect couplings) allow for quick, secure connections of hoses to tanks or other hoses. The name “Cam Lock” comes from the cam or lever that is used to lock one hose or fitting into place with another one. The female connector has two cams as part of the assembly.

What is Cam fitting?

Cam Fittings. The cam fitting is a discreet knock-down joint for carcases constructed from man-made boards. It is used to make corner joints, or for holding shelves and vertical dividers.

What is a cam fitting?

A camlock fitting, also called a cam and groove coupling, is used to connect two hoses and or pipes together in a variety of industries, so that a commodity from one can be transferred to the other.