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What are good spelling words for 4th graders?

What are good spelling words for 4th graders?

4th Grade Literature, Math, Science, & Social Studies Spelling Lists

  • anguish.
  • famine.
  • coax.
  • stubborn.
  • fortune.
  • impulsive.
  • reunite.
  • indignant.

What are some 5th grade spelling words?

List of Fifth Grade Spelling Words

action actor agreed
allowed aloud amusement
annual appointed awhile
beginning bruise capital
capitol captain cause

What words do 5th graders need to know?

Academic vocabulary words for 5th graders

abolish escalate influence
dominate hostile unfamiliar
drowsy huddle vertical
edible identify effortless
illegible equivalent immigrate

How do you practice spelling words in 4th grade?

Teaching Spelling in 4th Grade: Effective Strategies

  1. Provide Word Lists With Related Activities.
  2. Build Spelling Context Through Writing.
  3. Emphasize Spelling Rules.
  4. Have Students Find Spelling Mistakes.
  5. Gamify Studying New Spelling Words.
  6. Provide Practice Opportunities.
  7. Share Different Spelling Strategies.

What are some words to spell in a spelling bee?

National Spelling Bee Website. Many of the words used in the adult spelling bee include words like: clavicle, cleanser, abhorrence, iota, judgmental, expiration, caribou, zealous, ravine, luscious, wanderlust, antitoxin, wolverine, lullaby, warp, reins, resin, zirconium, salamander, vengeance, neurosis, and a host of others.

What is list of common fifth grade spelling bee words?


  • detrimental
  • devotion
  • dirty
  • disappear
  • discover
  • disguise
  • dishonest
  • distance
  • disuse
  • Where do spelling bee words come from?

    The ‘bee’ in spelling bee is likely derived from the old English word ‘bēn’ or ‘bene’ which at various times meant ‘prayer’, ‘favour’ or ‘help given by neighbours’.

    What is the plural of spelling bee?

    spelling bee (plural spelling bees) A spelling contest or competition where contestants, usually children, are asked to spell out words (orally, letter by letter); the individual or team spelling the most words correctly wins.