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What are shooting socks for?

What are shooting socks for?

Shooting socks to ensure your day of shooting is not ruined by uncomfortable, cold, wet feet. Protect your legs and feet and keep them warm with a thick, quality pair of shooting socks.

Why do shooting socks have tassels?

Traditionally, the garter tie for shooting socks was used to hold your socks up and prevent them from falling down on your shoot days.

How long should shooting breeks be?

Any knit, any colour, any style, just so long as they are worn properly.” Alexandra Doubleday of Le Chameau comments: “Shooting socks should be worn over your plus- two/fours, or shooting breeks with the knit design fully displayed at the top of your boot.

What is the point of sock garters?

The garter’s sole purpose is to prevent socks from slipping down your leg. Some people refer to them as a sock strap, while others call them sock suspenders.

What is a garter for a sock?

A garter is an article of clothing comprising a narrow band of fabric fastened about the leg to keep up stockings. In the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, they were tied just below the knee, where the leg is most slender, to keep the stocking from slipping.

What shoes go with breeks?

Your best options are leather boots or brogues. Remember that they must be comfortable so never wear a brand new pair of shoes as you will be standing for the majority of the day. It is essential that they are sturdy enough but you must be able to move your feet well in them or you will not last the day!

What is the difference between plus twos and breeks?

The number indicates the inches below the knee the breeks sit – so Plus Twos are two inches below the knee and Plus Fours four inches. Golfers tend to wear a plus four or even a plus six, but for shooting the plus twos are more popular.

Why did men wear sock garter?

As socks were not elasticized like modern examples available so freely at the likes of Target, men were at risk of having their socks sag to reveal bare ankles. To prevent this, gentlemen pulled their socks up which they secured with sock garters (also known as ‘hose garters’).

What does breeks mean in English?

Breeks is the Scots term for trousers or breeches. Outside Scotland the term breeks is often used to refer to breeches, a trouser similar to plus fours, especially when worn in Scotland and engaging in field sports such as deer stalking, and the activities of taking pheasant, duck, partridge and other game birds.

What shoes do you wear with breeks?

Where are shooting socks made in the UK?

All of our shooting socks are made in the UK from a range of yarns and variety of colours from traditional greens, golds and reds to more contemporary pinks, lilacs and blues. You might also be interested in our range of Aigle and Le Chameau wellington boots

Do you get free delivery on shooting socks?

We have even more styles for larger feet, and wider calves and free delivery for orders over £50.00 to the UK mainland. So, whatever your quarry, we’ve got camel, goat, rabbit to add – if you want cashmere, angora or cotton, subtle or extravagant, our Shooting Socks and our service are unbeatable.

What kind of socks do you wear in the field?

We have over two hundred different styles of men’s stockings and ladies shooting socks all of which are designed to not only look great but also perform in the field. We have an extensive range of cushioned foot shooting socks which are great for keeping your feet warm and are incredibly comfortable to wear.

What kind of yarn does London Sock Company use?

Introducing London Sock Company’s first recycled socks. These planet-friendly pairs are knit from premium yarns – but with a twist. Each sock uses a unique blend of responsible fibres made from recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton and recycled nylon. In fact, it takes one plastic bottle to make two pairs of socks.