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What are the requirements to study law at the University of Pretoria?

What are the requirements to study law at the University of Pretoria?

A conditional exemption certificate does not grant admission to LLB studies. A minimum achievement level of 5 for English Grammar and a minimum APS of 32 is required, calculated according to the UP conversion table. Applicants have to submit the results of a SAT1 and/or TOEFL test, if required by the Dean.

What are requirements for BA law?

To retain admission, learners will be expected to obtain an APS of at least 28 in Grade 12, except BA (Speech-Language Pathology), BA (Audiology) and BSocSci (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). The required APS for these three programmes is 32 in order to retain admission.

Does the University of Pretoria have law degree?

The University of Pretoria Faculty of Law is the highest ranked law faculty in Africa and in South Africa – according to the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

How many modules does BA law have?

LLB degree comprises of 40 modules: 37 compulsory modules and 3 optional modules.

What are the minimum requirements for studying law?

The minimum requirement to study law is a NQF level 4 certificate, which a National Senior Certificate or a Senior Certificate. For most universities a minimum Admissions Point Score (APS) score of 21 points is need for admission, but you’ll find that certain universities requires a minimum of 33 points to study law.

What is BA law about?

The BA Law is essentially a Bachelor of Arts with a Law focus. Also, BA Law students study for joint honours – you could do Law with Spanish for example, or Law with Criminology. LLB Law students tend to just do straight Law.

Which university is best in law in South Africa?

University of Cape Town
University of Cape Town (UCT) QS World Rankings ranks UCT as the top university to study law in South Africa. The university is recognized for producing law graduates that are highly sought after both locally and internationally.

What can I do with a BA law degree?

Studying a BA Law means you’ll be able to pursue a career as a:

  • State legal advisor.
  • Corporate legal advisor.
  • Court personnel.

How to get into University of Pretoria BCom Law?

University of Pretoria Bcom Law Admission Requirements, Where the Dean allows such a limitation, the head of the department will, in consultation with the course leader, select students who otherwise comply with the admission requirements for an LLM coursework degree, according to the following guidelines:

What are the admission requirements for University of Pretoria?

Prospective students who do not obtain a NSC-pass that grants them access to Baccalaureus degree studies, will not be considered for our degree programmes even though their Admission Point Score does comply with the minimum requirements. A Grade 12 certificate with university exemption is required if Grade 12 was obtained before 2008.

When to apply for University of Pretoria LLB degree?

Please note that applications for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for 2022 will only open on 1 May 2022. The LLB undergraduate programme at the University of Pretoria is only presented on a full-time, (virtual) attendance basis.

Is the BA Law programme an After Hours programme?

It is not offered as a correspondence or an after-hours programme. Further note that the BA Law programme is administered by the Faculty of Humanities and the BCom Law programme by the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.