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What are the Three Virtues of Bionicle?

What are the Three Virtues of Bionicle?

The Three Virtures are what bound the BIONICLE Matoran together when they were on Metru Nui and Mata Nui. The three virtues are Unity, Duty, and Destiny. They started in Metru-Nui.

What does the Bionicle symbol mean?

Supposedly, with the arrival of Teridax on the island of Mata Nui, the Matoran forgot the Virtues until the coming of the Toa Mata. The two smaller points on the symbol were Unity (left) and Duty (right) and the middle one was Destiny.

What is the story of Bionicle?

Unlike previous LEGO themes, Bionicle was accompanied by an original story told across a multimedia spectrum. It depicts the exploits of the Toa, heroic biomechanical beings with innate elemental abilities whose duty is to maintain peace throughout their universe.

What are old bionicles worth?

Originally retailed for US $14.99, currently sells for around US $50 and up on eBay and Bricklink.

What does Makuta mean in Bionicle?

Posted January 5, 2017. What is the meaning behind this dialogue in the Mask of Light movie: Makuta: Well played, Toa.

When does Bionicle Legend of the three virtues come out?

It’s pojected to be developed by Argonaut Games and Empire Entertainment, published by Eidos Interactive and released to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and Microsoft Windows gaming systems. It’s unknown if the game will be released on the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS systems.

How does the green bar work in Bionicle?

The match can have limited or unlimited time. The green bar is the health bar, which, actually, is the first level of health, the second bring light green, the third being yellow, the forth being orange and the fifth and final being red. To win a round, the player must completely deplete the opponent’s both health bars.

What did the Ga Matoran believe in the Bionicle?

The Ga-Matoran believed in the Principle of Purity, derived from Unity. It granted Speed, and its enemy was Poison. The Po-Matoran believed in the Principle of Creation, derived from Unity and Destiny. It granted Strategy, and its enemy was Disintegration.