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What are the words of the Spanish national anthem?

What are the words of the Spanish national anthem?

But where did the anthem come from, and why are there no words? Spain’s national anthem, the ‘Marcha Real’, is one of the few patriotic songs with no lyrics at all. The Royal March is in the no-text club with just three other countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and San Marino.

Why don t the Spanish sing their national anthem?

Well, the main problem seems to be that Spaniards have never been able to make up their minds about which lyrics they liked most. The original anthem, written in 1761 by Manuel de Espinosa, was not composed as an anthem with lyrics, but rather to serve as a military march to provide a beat for the Spanish Infantry.

When was the Spanish national anthem written?

The national anthem, La Marcha Real, was written in 1761 by an unknown composer and only had lyrics during the 1886-1931 reign of King Alfonso XIII and under Franco. A panel of academics and musicians was asked to choose a winner from nearly 7,000 lyrical entries.

What is unique about the national anthem of Spain?

The national anthem of Spain is called “Marcha Real,” or “Royal March.” What is different about this national song is that it is one of just four in the world that does not have official lyrics. It is also one of the oldest national anthems in the world, dating back to the 18th century.

Which country anthem has no words?

Spain’s Marcha Real
And even having a national anthem without words can cause problems: Spain’s Marcha Real (Royal March) is one of only four anthems to have no official lyrics, the others being those of San Marino, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzogovina.

Which country has no national anthem?

Austria, the Country without a National Anthem.

What country has the longest national anthem?

Greece has the longest national anthem in the world. It has 158 stanzas.

What country has the best anthem?

The best national anthems

  • Russia.
  • Switzerland.
  • Japan.
  • USA.
  • Germany.
  • France. A classic tune – with all the force of a Zinadine Zidane head-butt.
  • Italy. “You could imagine Rossini writing that,” says David of the Italian national anthem.
  • Wales. Land of my Fathers, David says, “is the kind of tune that makes me wish I was Welsh.

Which country has the oldest national anthem?

The oldest national anthem is Great Britain’s “God Save the Queen,” which was described as a national anthem in 1825, although it had been popular as a patriotic song and used on occasions of royal ceremonial since the mid-18th century.

Which country has the best anthem?

What is the most beautiful anthem in the world?

“Please Rise for Our National Anthem” – 10 Beautiful National Anthems from Around the Globe

  • Nepal’s We Are Hundreds of Flowers.
  • Mauritania’s National Anthem.
  • Russia’s National Anthem.
  • Myanmar’s Until the End of the World.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo’s Arise Congolese.
  • China’s March of the Volunteers.

Which country has 2 national anthem?

Denmark is one of only two countries, along with New Zealand, to have two national anthems. The other official song is ‘Kong Christian stod ved højen mast’, which as a national and royal anthem tends to be heard on military and royal occasions.

What are the lyrics to the Spanish national anthem?

Long live Spain! From the green valleys, to the immense sea, a hymn of brotherhood. Love the Fatherland, which knows how to embrace, below the blue sky, people in freedom. Glory to the sons, who to history give, justice and greatness, democracy and peace.

Who wrote the national anthem of Spain?

‘Marcha Real’ was composed in 1761 by Manuel de Espinosa de los Monteros, who wrote the tune as a military march for the Spanish Infantry. In the 1770s, Charles III declared it the official march of Spain, and it later became the country’s national anthem.

What is the name of the national anthem of Spain?

The National Anthem of Spain is known as the “Grenadier March” or “Royal Spanish March”.

What is the National name of Spain?

The official name of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain or Reino de Espana. Spain’s capital city is Madrid . Spain is Europe’s fourth largest country. Spain is the 28th most populated country in the world.