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What causes lesions on the brain stem?

What causes lesions on the brain stem?

What diseases cause brain lesions? Stroke, vascular injury, or impaired supply of blood to the brain is perhaps the leading cause of lesions on the brain. Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a disease where brain lesions are located in multiple sites of the brain.

What is intra-axial lesion?

Intra-axial is a term that denotes lesions that are within the brain parenchyma, in contrast to extra-axial, which describes lesions outside the brain, and intraventricular, which denotes lesions within the ventricular system.

What is the difference between an enhancing and Nonenhancing lesion?

The differences between enhancing and nonenhancing lesions in MRI are obvious. Normally with T1 contrast agents at a usual dosage, the enhancing lesions appear hyperintense on MR images and nonenhancing lesions appear isointense or without signal changes in comparison to that on precontrast MR images.

What are the two types of brain lesions?

Major types of brain lesions are traumatic, infectious, malignant, benign, vascular, genetic, immune, plaques, brain cell death or malfunction, and ionizing radiation. Other chemicals and toxins have been associated with brain lesions as well.

What is extra-axial lesion?

Extra-axial tumors are lesions, neoplastic and not, which are external to the brain parenchyma and can originate in the skull, meninges, cranial nerves, and brain appendages such as the pituitary gland. Surgery provides a diagnosis and can be the first step in the treatment.

What is an intra-axial tumor?

Brain tumors that are rooted in the brain Parenchyma are referred to as intra-axial. If the origin of the tumor is outside of the brain (or it is due to metastasis), it is called extra-axial (4, 5).

Do lesions on the brain always mean MS?

An “average” number of lesions on the initial brain MRI is between 10 and 15. However, even a few lesions are considered significant because even this small number of spots allows us to predict a diagnosis of MS and start treatment.

What type of lesion is a scab?

A crust, or a scab, is created when dried blood forms over a scratched and irritated skin lesion.

What are the clinical features of an intra-axial schwannoma?

A small residual focus of T2 signal-intensity abnormality in the left cerebral peduncle and pons was seen. Intracranial schwannomas account for 8% of brain tumors 1; most of these are acoustic neuromas, with intraparenchymal schwannomas being rare.

Is there such a thing as a brain stem schwannoma?

Pathology findings unexpectedly indicated that the tumor was an intra-axial brain stem schwannoma, a condition reported, to our knowledge, only 6 times previously in the literature. The patient made an excellent recovery with reversal of his symptoms.

Can a brain stem tumor be resected?

SUMMARY: A 68-year-old man presented with a highly symptomatic brain stem tumor originally thought to be a brain stem glioma. Intraoperative MR imaging guidance was used to resect the tumor, and real-time evoked potentials improved during surgery.