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What conflict does Krogstad introduce?

What conflict does Krogstad introduce?

What conflict does Krogstad introduce? Krogstad tries to blackmail Nora into getting Helmer to keep him at the bank by exposing her forgery.

What does Mrs Stevenson do to resolve her conflict?

Stevenson resolves her conflict. Calls the police. This is how Mrs. Stevenson feels as she loses control of her situation.

What is the effect of the stage directions they build suspense Brainly?

They tell the reader what each person is doing without forcing dialogue. They build suspense by telling the reader what is going on without dialogue. They encourage the reader to imagine what each person might be thinking.

Where is Charlie standing as this scene takes place?

Answer: Charlie is standing on front of his porch.

How does the setting help emphasize that Mrs Stevenson is alone?

She stated many times, frantically, that she was alone. The setting helped by showing her in her bedroom by herself.

How does Mrs Stevenson perceive other people?

Stevenson is a lady who is disabled in her bed and only has the telephone within her reach. She is totally flustered and nervous and realizes that she could be the person who is gonna be killed.

What is the setting of the radio play Sorry Wrong Number?

‘Sorry, Wrong Number’ is a radio drama written by Lucille Fletcher. The story is set in New York. Stevenson and is set near Queensboro Bridge in New York. This story also includes places like Murray Hill, where her husband works and Second Avenue, which is near her place of residence.

What is the effect of stage directions?

Stage directions can also be critical in dictating the intended tempo and rhythm of the piece. Whether they establish a production’s overall tone or elucidate particular actions of characters, stage directions help tell the complete story that is in the playwright’s mind.

What is the main conflict of Sorry wrong number?

Internal conflict-Mrs. Stevenson overhears a murder plot between two men and thinks that she should not get involved with the investigation. Internal conflict- Sergeant Duffy argues with Mrs. Stevenson about the murder plot she overhears between two men.

What do the stage directions best tell the reader about woman one’s tone of voice and actions?

What do the stage directions best tell the reader about Woman One’s tone of voice and actions? She is frightened and implies that Charlie may be involved. She is angry and threatens Charlie into revealing the truth.

How does the author use the stage directions in the play to reveal aspects of Mrs Stevenson’s character?

As the play begins, the stage direction reveals that Mrs. Stevenson is bedridden, which means she is an invalid. The sound of train, in the stage direction reveals that if she would be killed no one will be able to hear her voice.

Why does Mrs Stevenson explains her health condition to the operator?

Answer Expert Verified Stevenson explains her health condition to the operator because she wants the operator to dial her husband’s office for her and she needs a reason for her frantic desire to get through to him. She has been trying for some time but can only get a busy signal.

Why did Mrs Stevenson call the hospital Why didn’t Mrs Stevenson get what she wanted?

Mrs Stevenson had over heard a conversation of two men from a cross connection who were planning to murder a lone woman living near a bridge. Mrs. Stevenson was sure it was her and so her desperation of calling the hospital increased.

What do Mrs Stevenson’s actions reveal about her physical condition?

what do Mrs. Stevenson actions reveal about her physical condition? very unconcerned and does not take her serious.

What is an example of foreshadowing in Sorry Wrong Number?

Play Analysis – Sorry, Wrong Number There are a few spots in which there is foreshadowing, for example when George and the man are talking on the phone they mention their “client” who can be presumed to be Mr. Every line in the play adds some further meaning and advances the plot or develops a character in some way.

What effect does the dialogue between Mrs Stevenson and the 3rd operator have?

What effect does the dialogue between Mrs. Stevenson and the 3rd Operator have (lines 582-632)? It increases Mrs. Stevenson’s frustration.

Which elements of a play are literary elements?

A literary element refers to components of a literary work (character, setting, plot, theme, frame, exposition, ending/denouement, motif, titling, narrative point-‐of-‐view).

What is one way in which the author builds suspense throughout the play Sorry Wrong Number?

What is one way in which the author builds suspense throughout the play? The author builds suspense by having Mrs. Stevenson make one phone call after another and find no one willing or able to help her. With each call, she grows increasingly frantic.

What are the traits of Mrs Stevenson?

Stevenson traits are fearful, agitated, and paranoid. Being the main character in the story, she is portrayed as person with disability and has been bed-ridden due to an unknown illness.

How does the author develop a social issue in this passage?

Thus, in this excerpt, the author develops a social issue, which is a conflict in which multiple individuals are involved, by introducing the conflict that Nora is proud of her accomplishment but has to keep it secret.

What can you infer about Mrs Stevenson that she herself doesn’t seem to realize?


Why is Mrs Stevenson even more nervous after hearing the phone conversation?

Why is Mrs. Stevenson even more nervous after hearing the phone conversation? She is nervous and concerned because she knows someone is going to be murdered. She is hearing the conversation because she was tied into her husbands office, however, her husband is planning her murder with the killers.

Who is the client in Sorry Wrong Number?

Mr. Stevenson is talked about in the phone conversation that Mrs. Stevenson overhears. He is the client that the two men discuss, the person who has asked that his wife be mercifully killed.

What was Mrs Stevenson’s address?

Stevenson — Mrs. Elbert Smythe Stevenson of 53 North Sutton Place.

Who Killed Mrs Stevenson?

Answer: Mr. Stevenson (Mrs. Stevenson’s husband) killed Mrs. Stevenson.

How does the conflict in this passage develop a theme?

How does the conflict in this passage develop a theme? Linde creates a conflict by promising something she cannot give to Krogstad, which develops the theme that empty promises can destroy relationships. Read the excerpt from act 3 of A Doll’s House.

What is likely the main purpose of providing stage directions in a drama?

Stage Directions are commands and auxiliary instructions which main purpose is to lead and help the actors position themselves on stage. Stage Directions are also known as “blocking”, which is is the accurate staging of actors to ease the production and performance of the drama.

What is the effect of the stage directions Brainly?

First, the directions help the actors as they rehearse the play to move about on stage and behave as the playwright intended. Second, the stage directions serve as guidelines for the director to make the play appear on stage as he or she envisions it and to interpret the playwright’s story as written.

Which element in this passage tells the reader who the characters are the dialogue the speaker tags the stage directions the characters actions?

Explanation: Helmer: You have just come at a fortunate moment, The characters name before the actions/words indicate the speakers tags. This is how you know who is speaking!

What is the plot of the play Sorry Wrong Number?

Sorry, Wrong Number tells the story of Mrs. Elbert Stevenson an invalid woman confined to her bed, who becomes increasingly frantic as the story progresses. The drama begins with Mrs. Stevenson attempting to call her husband, who is working late.