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What did Banksy do to Robbo?

What did Banksy do to Robbo?

The feud between Banksy and King Robbo began in 2009 when Bristol-based Banksy painted over one of Robbos tags in Camden. The tag was sprayed in 1985 underneath the British Transport Police quarters. It was the oldest piece of graffiti in London.

Is Banksy a Robbo?

King Robbo (born John Robertson, 23 October 1969 – 31 July 2014) was an English underground graffiti artist. His feud with the artist Banksy was the subject of a Channel 4 television documentary called Graffiti Wars, first shown in August 2011….

King Robbo
Style Graffiti

Who is Banksy’s rival?

King Robbo
‘King Robbo’, born John Robertson was an English underground graffiti artist and had a long standing feud with Banksy. He died in 2014 after sustaining head injuries in an accident. The duo’s rivalry was also documented in a televised show called Graffiti Wars for Channel 4.

Why did Robbo retire from graffiti?

Robbo abandoned his retirement to amend the work again, so the workman seemed to be painting “King Robbo” in large letters. In his 2011 interview, Robbo confirmed the feud was genuine: “I never wanted to take Banksy’s stuff out, I just wanted to do something tongue in cheek.

Is Robbo actually dead?

Deceased (1969–2014)
King Robbo/Living or Deceased

Is King Robbo actually dead?

Is Robbo dead in Home and Away 2020?

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How King Robbo died?

Head injury
King Robbo/Cause of death
Banksy’s rival King Robbo died of head injury, inquest hears. Banksy’s rival, the grafitti artist King Robbo, was found in a pool of blood at the foot of a flight of stairs at his London home, an inquest heard. The father of three, whose real name is John Robertson, was placed in a medically induced coma in April 2011.

What was the war between Banksy and King Robbo?

The street art vs. graffiti war had begun, and was now in full force. According to legend, there was an encounter in the late 90s between King Robbo and Banksy.

What kind of street art does Banksy do?

Out of nowhere came infamous London street artist Banksy in 2009. In his signature stencil style, he painted a city worker covering the now grey walls with “graffiti wallpaper.” Banksy’s style is so unique and well-known that he oftentimes doesn’t even include a tag with his work.

Where did KING ROBBO do his graffiti art?

Almost thirty years ago, in 1985, a London graffiti artist by the name of “King Robbo” threw this piece up in the Regent’s Canal tunnel in Camden. Little did he know that he would still be working on it decades later…

When did King Robbo go into a coma?

Soon after, in April 2011, King Robbo was hospitalized and fell into a coma 5 days before his exhibition at the Signal Gallery, Shoreditch: “Team Robbo – The Sell Out Tour.” He had been found unconscious in the street with life-threatening head injuries and his health has been in question ever since.