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What did Forrest Hayes do at Google?

What did Forrest Hayes do at Google?

“Forrest Hayes started in his native Michigan at the Ford Motor Company as a manager, he went to California for Sun Microsystems and he went on to Apple…” Hayes then went on to Google for a high-paying job at their top-secret location, where impossible dreams are transformed into reality.

What happened to Alix tichelman?

Tichelman has moved to California to stay with her parents since October 2013 after her boyfriend, Deon Riopelle, died in Atlanta, Georgia, after a fatal dose of heroin in September of 2013. She has now listed herself as a “makeup artist, model, stylist and exotic dancer” on her Twitter profile.

How old was Forrest Hayes when he left Google?

Forrest Timothy Hayes was 51 years old with a wife and five kids, including toddler twins. He grew up in Michigan and became a Google executive halfway across the country. He escaped on crystalline California days from the Santa Cruz shore in his yacht, Escape, and he liked the slinky, tattooed, kohl-eyed Alix Catherine Tichelman on his decks.

Who was Forrest Hayes and what did he do?

4. Forrest Hayes Worked For Google & Apple. According to the LA Times, Hayes was previously employed by big Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple, and Sun Microsystems. The Daily Mail adds that Forrest Hayes also had work experience in the auto industry. His auto industry experience pre-dated his Silicon Valley days.

How many children did Forrest Hayes have with his wife?

In his obituary, Hayes is said to have five children with his wife of 17 years, Denise. Hayes is said to have “passed away unexpectedly,” with the obituary making no mention of the drugs or salacious circumstances of his death. The yacht, however, does get a mention in the obit: “Forrest will be remembered above all as a loving husband and father.

Where was the yacht Forrest Hayes was on?

Tichelman reportedly injected Hayes with the drug while the two were on Hayes’ yacht in Santa Cruz. When Hayes began to overdose, Tichelman allegedly consumed a glass of wine and left the scene without calling 911. USA Today reports on the crime, pulling info from news stations near the Santa Cruz area: “‘She showed no regard for the victim.