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What did Katniss realize about the mutts?

What did Katniss realize about the mutts?

Katniss realized what these muttations were when she shot the wolf mutt that looked like Glimmer. They look more like generic large, vicious, bulky dogs. They run on all fours, and resemble each other. In the book they could balance on their hind legs and jump high, but in the film they did not.

What are the creatures that killed Finnick?

Lizard Mutts These creatures appear in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 and are sent into the sewers after Katniss and her squad. These eyeless mutts are a combination of human and reptile DNA and attack in unrelenting waves. They are responsible for the deaths of most of the squad, including Finnick.

What’s wrong with President Snow’s mouth?

Snow would poison anyone who he saw as a threat to his power, and on at least one occasion he drank from the poisoned cup himself to remove suspicion of his involvement. He took an antidote afterwards, but the poison left sores in his mouth, which were constantly bleeding. Hence the bloody coughing.

Why was President snows mouth bleeding?

President Snow has a really sore mouth This charming habit isn’t because the President needs a dose of Corsodyl – it’s a visual way of conveying the character’s fondness for poison. To evade suspicion, Snow swallows poisons, then takes an antidote afterwards – but the process leaves his mouth full of sores.

Why does Mags kiss Finnick on the lips?

Chia Mags kisses Finnick on the mouth to briefly let him know that this is the last time she will see him. It’s her way of saying “Goodbye” but in a more affectionate way.

Why does snow laugh when Katniss kills coin?

But, before his death, after Katniss kills Coin, Snow breaks out into a fit of laughter. Snow laughs because he enjoys the irony of the situation. He avoids the official execution ceremony, even though Panem’s citizens still take their revenge on him.

What are some interesting facts about The Hunger Games?

As the title, The Hunger Games, demonstrates, both of these things are central to Collins’s novel (and the trilogy as a whole: the other two books in the series are Catching Fire and Mockingjay ). 4. Collins’s series is Amazon’s biggest-selling book series ever.

What kind of animals are in The Hunger Games?

Dorothy didn’t know how easy she had it with lions, tigers and bears… The people of Panem wish those were the only animals they had to worry about, since many of the ones they run into in the ” Hunger Games ” series are scary, genetically-altered freaks that want to kill them dead.

How many copies of The Hunger Games have been sold?

Over the past seven years, The Hunger Games novel series has sold over 65 million copies in the U.S. alone, with all three books topping the New York Times bestseller list. Likewise, the three films have grossed over $2 billion combined, all topping the box office charts.

How many times have you read The Hunger Games?

But even if you’ve read the books a dozen times and watched every film, there are some interesting, behind-the-scenes tidbits about the franchise that you might not know. Here are 12 surprising things you probably didn’t know about “The Hunger Games” books and movies: