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What do you do against Pugna?

What do you do against Pugna?


  • Force Staff allows for someone to quickly escape a Life Drain for a very small mana cost.
  • Glimmer Cape and.
  • Pugna’s only tool against.
  • Blink Dagger is great versus Pugna as he hates being jumped on because of his extremely fragile nature.
  • Linken’s Sphere can block Life Drain and Decrepify.

What is Pugna role?

A crafty trickster, Pugna turns the enemy’s power against itself as he blasts their defenses. While his nether ward strikes nearby foes that dare to cast a spell, he drains life from enemies to ensure he will be ready for the next assault.

Can you Decrepify tombstone?

You can Decrepify the Nether Ward, effectively making it invulnerable for a few seconds. You can also Decrepify Undying’s Tombstone.

What hero can counter Pugna?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Phantom Lancer 1.21% 45.16%
Sniper 1.12% 44.05%
Clockwerk 1.11% 46.06%
Drow Ranger 1.10% 46.04%

Can Pugna Decrepify tombstone?

What does Decrepify do d2?

Description. Decrepify is a devastating curse. It combines Weaken and Amplify Damage and adds speed reduction to the target on top of that.

What do pugna’s spells do in Dota 2?

Pugna is a ranged intelligence hero whose spells give him powerful nuking and pushing capability. Nether Blast is a low-cooldown area nuke with slight delay that deals significant damage to buildings, giving Pugna the option to use it both as a basic nuke as well as a pushing spell.

What does Nether Ward do to pugna in Dota 2?

Nether Ward lowers the mana regeneration of enemy heroes, and deals damage based off of how much mana they spend. Life Drain will deal a large amount of damage over time, healing him for the same amount that he damages. Despite all of his spells, however, Pugna has a low strength and agility gain, which leads to him being quite fragile.

What does pugna do in the Midlane?

Pugna usually prefers the midlane to get quick levels and items as he can use Nether Blast to farm creep waves and deal direct damage to towers. Enemies will have a hard time ganking him when he can use his slow and nukes to turn against them.

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