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What does hallensteins glassons do?

What does hallensteins glassons do?

Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited is a New Zealand-based holding company. It is a retailer of men’s and women’s clothing in New Zealand and Australia.

Where is hallensteins made?

Most cities and towns have at least one Hallensteins shop but their products mainly come from China, not Dowling Street. In 1988, 103 years after moving in, the Hallensteins head office shifted north to Wellington. The old building is now called Milford House after an art gallery on the premises.

Are hallensteins ethical?

Hallensteins requires that all suppliers comply with our code of conduct. All suppliers are subject to an Ethical and Social Audit inspection in order to confirm that they meet all our requirements and through our nominated inspection company.

Who started hallensteins?

Bendix Hallenstein

Bendix Hallenstein
Born c. 24 January 1835 Bisperode, Duchy of Brunswick, Germany
Died 6 January 1905 (aged 69–70) Dunedin, New Zealand
Known for Founding Hallenstein Brothers Founding D.I.C.
Spouse(s) Mary Mountain ​ ( m. 1861)​

Is Glassons ethical 2020?

Made with Care puts voice to our responsibility to bring affordable fashion to our customers both ethically and sustainably. By the end of 2020 we achieved our target with 30% of our Glassons range being sustainably sourced, and we continue on our journey to reach 50% by the end of 2021.

Is hallensteins Australian?

Hallenstein Brothers, more commonly referred to as Hallensteins, is a New Zealand based men’s fashion, street and lifestyle retailer. The company has its roots in a department store founded in 1873 by Bendix Hallenstein.

Is Hallensteins Australian?

Is glassons ethical and sustainable?

Where is glassons manufactured?

Knowing who is making our clothes is important to us and our customers. Our supply factories are located in: China. India.

Is Glassons ethical and sustainable?

Does Glassons use child labor?

No supplier shall engage in or support the use of child labour under 16 years of age, unless the minimum age for work or mandatory schooling is higher by local law, in which case the stipulated higher age applies in that locality.