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What does Kettenkrad mean in German?

What does Kettenkrad mean in German?

2 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 2) is a half-track motorcycle with a single front wheel, better known as the Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 or Kettenkrad for short (plural Kettenkräder; where Ketten means “chains” or “tracks” and krad is the military abbreviation of the German word Kraftrad, the administrative German term for …

Can I buy a Kettenkrad?

You Can Now Own This Ridiculous 1944 German Kettenkrad Armored Motorcycle Tank. The Kettenkrad is powered by a 1478cc inline-4 water-cooled engine, the same one used in the Opel Olympia car featured throughout the German military.

What was the rabbit vehicle in Saving Private Ryan?

Captain Miller refers to the Kettenkrad as a “rabbit” due to its role as bait for the German tanks. A total of five Kettenkrads were used by the production crew of Saving Private Ryan.

How much is a Kettenkrad?

An original German Kettenkrad (Sdkfz 2) from 1943 is currently being offered online for a price of $135,000.

Who invented the half track?

With the snow and ice of Canada in mind, Joseph-Armand Bombardier developed 7- and 12-passenger half-track autoneiges in the 1930s, starting what would become the Bombardier industrial conglomerate. The Bombardier vehicle had tracks for propulsion in the rear and skis for steering in front.

Who invented caterpillar tracks?

Benjamin Holt
George CayleyCharles DinsmoorDavid RobertsJames Boydell
Continuous track/Inventors

Is Luke Wilson in Saving Private Ryan?

Phil Brown on Twitter: “I just realized Luke Wilson is not in Saving Private Ryan! #IMDb”

What motorcycle was in Saving Private Ryan?

The motorcycle/sidecar combo Miller rests on is a 1963 Ural M63.

Why did half-tracks stop being used?

Civilian use Many Second World War half-tracks were sold off to civilian users either as surplus stock or later due to obsolescence when the fully tracked armoured personnel carrier was introduced into service.

How fast can a half-track go?

M3 half-track

Carrier, Personnel, Half-track, M3
Suspension Front: semi-elliptic longitudinal leaf spring Rear: Vertical volute spring
Fuel capacity 60 US gallons (230 litres)
Operational range 200 mi (320 km)
Maximum speed 45 mph (72 km/h) on road

Why are caterpillar tracks better than wheels?

The tracks have a lower ground pressure than wheels and are more suited to soft surfaces. The wheels have a significant advantage in steering compared to tracks, and this can be translated into a good maneuverability for the wheels.

Who is the CEO of Caterpillar?

Jim Umpleby (Jan 1, 2017–)
Caterpillar Inc./CEO

D. James (Jim) Umpleby III is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Caterpillar Inc. Jim joined Solar Turbines, a Caterpillar subsidiary, in 1980 as an associate engineer.