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What does the WRN gene code for?

What does the WRN gene code for?

The WRN gene provides instructions for producing the Werner protein, which plays a critical role in repairing damaged DNA. The Werner protein functions as a type of enzyme called a helicase. Helicase enzymes generally unwind and separate double-stranded DNA.

Where is the WRN gene located?

The WRN gene is located on the short (p) arm of chromosome 8 between positions 12 and 11.2, from base pair 31,010,319 to base pair 31,150,818.

Whats WRN?

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What does the BLM gene do?

The BLM gene provides instructions for making a member of a protein family called RecQ helicases. Helicases are enzymes that attach (bind) to DNA and unwind the two spiral strands (double helix) of the DNA molecule.

What is the gene code for helicase?

The ATRX gene encodes the ATP-dependent helicase, ATRX (also known as XH2 and XNP) of the SNF2 subgroup family, that is thought to be responsible for functions such as chromatin remodeling, gene regulation, and DNA methylation.

What chromosome is the BLM gene on?

Bloom syndrome protein

Location (UCSC) Chr 15: 90.72 – 90.82 Mb Chr 7: 80.45 – 80.54 Mb
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What is BLM gene mutation?

Introduction. Homozygous mutations of the BLM gene are the cause of a rare recessive genetic disorder, Bloom syndrome, which is characterized by chromosomal instability, immunodeficiency, and a predisposition to different malignancies, including breast cancer [1].

What syndrome makes you look younger?

Progeria is also known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS) or the “Benjamin Button” disease (named after the short story and movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’). It’s a rare genetic condition that results in a child’s body aging rapidly.