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What fluid does a Dana 80 take?

What fluid does a Dana 80 take?

Used Valvoline 75-140 syn with LS additive. It be fine. If no tow the dino oil is fine. Still need LS if equiped.

How much fluid does a Dana 80 take?

The AFE 46-70032 Dana 80 Differential Cover brings performance engineering to the protection of your truck’s rear-end. This differential cover has a 5 quart lube capacity (factory cover holds 4 quarts) at the factory line, a magnetic drain plug, a magnetic tipped fill plug for maximum rear-end protection.

What oil goes in an axle?

Every front or rear axle is filled with a special oil (also called differential fluid, or gear oil) that takes care of this. The differential fluid lubricates the gears, bearings and other internal parts, and provides cooling to these components as well.

What does a Dana 80 come in?

ID A Dana 80 Rear Axle in Chevy, Dodge Ram, or Ford Truck IDN-126. Was: Dana 80 Rear Axles have been in production since the 1988 Model Year. They have been used in Chevy/GMC 1992-2002 , Dodge(1994-2002), and Ford (1988-current) trucks vans, and motorhome chassis.

Is the Dana 80 a good axle?

Heavy Hitter. The super-tough Dana 80 rear axle ranks as one of the most desirable axles for off-highway use. It has an 11,000-pound gross axle weight rating and a continuous manufacturer’s output torque rating of 2,500 lb-ft.

Does Dana 80 need friction modifier?

If your pickup has dual rear wheels (DRW), then you have a Dana 80 design rear axle with a 11.25″ ring gear. As to how much friction modifier, you may need none, or one bottle, or at most two bottles – depending on which brand of diff lube you buy.

What is the difference between Dana 70 and 80?

On the 2500, the only difference between the 70 and the 80 is the ring gear size. The 70 has a 10. 5″ ring gear, the 80 has an 11″ ring gear. The axle shafts, brakes, and hubs are the same.

How serious is an axle leak?

If the leaking axle seal does not get fixed soon and the transmission is slipping, you could cause permanent damage to the transmission. The severity of the leak affects how safe it is to drive with a leaking axle seal. The most common cause of a leaking axle seal is it improper axle installation or removal.

Is Dana 80 a good axle?

How can I tell if I have a Dana 70 or Dana 80?

It can be identified by its straight axle tubes, 10 bolt asymmetrical cover, and a “80” cast into the housing. Dana 80’s are made as full floating, rear axles only and are step up in overall strength compared to the Dana 70. 1988 Ford was the first company to use the Dana 80.

How much power can a Dana 80 handle?

The Dana 80 has a GAWR up to 11,000 pounds (5,000 kg), however it is common practice among manufacturers to derate Dana 80’s. Gross axle weight ratings are lowered by the vehicle manufacturer for safety and tire reasons.