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What happened to the goon Doc?

What happened to the goon Doc?

He used to be a Guardian Slug before the Emperor ghouled him, however oddly enough it was revealed in Return of the Elementals that he won’t transform into a regular Boon Doc. He will turn into a wrinkled up weakened state, and would eventually die, and the only way to cure him is more ghoul energy.

What does a goon Doc do?

Goon Doc are extremely rare and powerful poison ghouls and the ghouled form of Boon Doc slugs. In battle, Goon Doc can worsen a person’s health but worst of all they can ghoul slugs. A famous Goon Doc is slug known as “The Goon”, an especially evil ghoul created by The Emperor.

Is Doc an elemental slug?

Doc was the first and only Elemental Slug introduced before the events of Slugterra: Return of the Elementals, and was also the only one to not have been ghouled. Doc is the first Guardian and the first Elemental slug to have been used in a Fusion shot.

Who is Doc in SlugTerra?

Doc is an especially powerful healer slug that’s introduced in “The Slugout”, as well as the Energy Elemental. After his debut, he later becomes a close friend of Eli Shane. There’s one healer slug who stands out from all the others, and that’s Eli’s slug DOC, the legendary Energy Elemental slug.

How many healer slugs are there?

And currently all 3 known healers can. The ghouled form of Healer Slugs are known as “Poison Ghouls”.

What is the universal Slug?

Believed to be a legend, the Universal Slug is a slug of unknown class that the people of SlugTerra believe to exist.

What is the most powerful elemental Slug in SlugTerra?


  • Most slugs aspire to become guardians.
  • When slugs become guardians they gain new markings to show their new status.
  • Guardians can live for several years (centuries) making them the second oldest slugs after The Elementals.
  • It only takes 4 elementals to power a gate, because they are the most powerful slugs.

What are the 5 Elementals in SlugTerra?

According to legend all slugs evolved from five slugs that regulate and control the life blood of Slugterra, each representing one of the five elements, earth, fire, water, wind and energy.

Who is the most powerful Slug in SlugTerra?

What kind of Doc is the Goon Doc?

A famous Goon Doc is slug known as ” The Goon “, an especially evil ghoul created by The Emperor . Another Goon Doc that has appeared in the series, but isn’t as famous, is a Goon Doc Dr. Blakk uses on Master Shanai . Medusi aka Leachfang – A poison attack that will slow an opponent down for a short period of time.

Which is the best description of the Boondocks?

boondocks – a remote and undeveloped area. back country, backwoods, hinterland. rural area, country – an area outside of cities and towns; “his poetry celebrated the slower pace of life in the country”.

Who is the Goon in Ghoul from beyond?

The Goon is a special megamorphed Goon Doc ghoul that can do more than just corrupt slugs and make people ill. He is the main antagonist of Ghoul from Beyond and Return of the Elementals and the mentioned antagonist of the third season . The Goon is an especially evil Goon Doc ghoul, seething with dark energy.

How does the ghoulgoyle work in the Goon?

Ghoulgoyle – Hits an opposing slug and uses Dark Energy to transform them into a ghoul. Darkcloak (unofficial name) – Hits an opposing slinger and drops them into a temporary coma, while it uses its Dark Energy to takeover their mind & body for its own purposes, and gives the person a zombie-like appearance until they’re no longer needed.