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What happened to the Irken empire?

What happened to the Irken empire?

As a result of their inaction, the status of Operation Impeding Doom II is currently unknown after the Almighty Tallest, as well as the whole Irken Armada, were sucked into a Florpus Hole, trapping them possibly forever in a dimension of fire in which they all became puppets and were left to suffer in agony, leaving …

Is Zim shortest Irken?

As you can see, Zim, Skoodge and Bob are the shortest Irkens on the Academy, while Red and Purple are the tallest for obvious reasons.

What happened to the tallest after enter the Florpus?

Jhonen Vasquez has confirmed that both Red and Purple are deceased, having died in the Florpus Hole in the dimension of fire, and presumably met their end shortly after Zim’s transmission with them disconnected.

Is Invader Zim set in the future?

It’s likely that Invader Zim is set a few years into the not-so near future, as much of Earth’s water appears to be vaguely polluted, the sky is crimson, and extremely advanced technology, such as antigravity and rapid space travel, exist. The appearance of human children of the future.

Who is the shortest Irken?

Invader Chin
Invader Chin Despite his large size, he has the shortest legs of all Irken Invaders.

Who is tallest Miyuki?

Almighty Tallest Miyuki is a cancelled character appearing only in the transcript and character sketches for “The Trial”. She was a female Tallest ruler of the Irken Empire. She was also the first Tallest (chronologically) noted in the Invader Zim series.

Is tallest purple a girl?

Almighty Tallest Purple
Rank Almighty Tallest
Gender Male
Eye Color Purple
Equipment The Massive

Are the tallest dead?

Deceased (1918–1940)
Robert Wadlow/Living or Deceased

What is the latest campaign of the Irken Empire?

The Irkens latest military campaign, Operation Impending Doom 2, has been a great success with the conquering of Planet Blorch, the Conveyer Belt Planet, and Planet Vort, and the enslavement of the extremely intelligent Vortian race. The Irken Armada will keep the Empire expanding over many more planets marked for conquest to come.

How are Irkens born in the Irken Empire?

Irkens are born in cloning tubes in facilities known as the smeeteries deep under Irk’s surface and can speak and walk when born due to them given the whole of Irken knowledge which is transferred after their PAK is installed moments before after they are greeted with a voice recording which says Welcome to life, Irken child. Report for duty.

How long can an Irken live without a Pak?

An Irken can’t live without their PAK for more than ten minutes. Irkens do not have a biological need for PAKs while on Irk, rather they perish after exactly ten minutes because without their PAKs, Control Brains cannot control them.

Who is the tallest living Irken in the world?

The Irkens have a height based society which the Tallest living Irken rules over as the Almighty Tallest. But on rare occasions there is two Tallests who are exactly the same height such as the case for the current Tallests, Tallests Red and Purple. Tall Irkens are respected and get high-ranking jobs while short Irkens get low paying jobs.