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What is 1/3 minus 2/5 as a fraction?

What is 1/3 minus 2/5 as a fraction?

1/3 – 2/5 = -115 ≅ -0.06666667.

How is 2/3rds calculated?

For example, you can write two-thirds in fractional form – 2/3 – or as a decimal – 0.667 – and either way, you calculate two-thirds of a number by multiplying by that number.

What is 2/3rds as a fraction?

Decimal to fraction conversion table

Decimal Fraction
0.66666667 2/3
0.7 7/10
0.71428571 5/7
0.75 3/4

How do I subtract fractions?

There are 3 simple steps to subtract fractions

  1. Make sure the bottom numbers (the denominators) are the same.
  2. Subtract the top numbers (the numerators). Put the answer over the same denominator.
  3. Simplify the fraction (if needed).

What is 2/3 of a whole?

To find 2/3 of a whole number we have to multiply the number by 2 and divide it by 3. To find two-thirds of 18, multiply 2/3 x 18/1 to get 36/3. 36/3 is again simplified as 12.

What is 3/4 as a decimal?

Answer: 3/4 is expressed as 0.75 in the decimal form.

What is 2/3 as a percentage?

To convert fraction to a per cent, you just need to multiply the fraction by 100 and reduce it to per cent. Convert 2/3 to a per cent. Therefore, the solution is 66%.

What is 2/3 as a number?

Decimal Doings Change two-thirds to a decimal and then multiply the decimal and your number. To convert 2/3 to decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator: 2 / 3 = 0.66666 7, which you can round to 0.67.

What is 2/3 as a mixed number?

Basic Math Examples Since 23 is a proper fraction, it cannot be written as a mixed number.

What is the easiest way to subtract fractions?

Subtract fractions with the easy method

  1. Cross-multiply the two fractions and subtract the second number from the first to get the numerator of the answer.
  2. Multiply the two denominators together to get the denominator of the answer.
  3. Putting the numerator over the denominator gives you your answer.

What is 1 and 3/4 as a decimal?

Method 1: Writing 1 3/4 to a decimal using the division method. To convert any fraction to decimal form, we just need to divide its numerator by denominator. This gives the answer as 1.75. So, 1 3/4 to decimal is 1.75.