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What is a 2014 Camaro convertible worth?

What is a 2014 Camaro convertible worth?

The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $24,450 for the base coupe model. Convertible models start just under $32,000.

How do you remote start a 2014 Camaro?

Operation of System

  1. To Start: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
  2. To Stop: Press and hold the remote start button for 3 seconds.
  3. Tap the button once to lock the doors.
  4. Tap the button twice to unlock the doors.
  5. Parking Lights will illuminate during remote start mode.

What is the value of 2014 Camaro?

The price of a used 2014 Chevrolet Camaro ranges from about $15,300 for the base 1LS trim to around $47,600 for the Z/28 trim.

Does a 2014 Camaro have a spare tire?

What’s the deal with the spare? If you have just bought a Camaro SS and looked in the truck you will notice that it doesn’t come with a spare tire. It comes with an all-in-one air compressor and fix-a-flat setup secured in a foam disk under the trunk hatch.

How much does a 2014 Camaro SS cost?

Camaro Trims

Coupe Original MSRP / Price Horsepower
Camaro 2dr Cpe SS w/1SS $33,355 / N/A 426
Camaro 2dr Cpe SS w/2SS $37,155 / N/A 426
Camaro 2dr Cpe Z/28 $72,305 / N/A 505
Camaro 2dr Cpe ZL1 $55,355 / N/A 580

How much is a 2014 z28 Camaro worth?

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is $75,000, including a destination charge of $995. With a 505-hp V8, no available automatic transmission and a long list of race-ready components, the Z/28 is built to deliver performance on the track.

Do all Camaros have remote start?

It won’t have remote start if it’s a manual car. All automatics have it though.

How many miles will a 2014 Camaro last?

A well-maintained Chevy Camaro should last 150,000 miles ( or 15 years ) based on driving 13,500 miles per year. The Camaro can even last up to 200,000 miles with careful use and diligent repairs.

Where is the spare tire in a Camaro?

The spare tire will be able to fit underneath the lining of Your trunk along with the jack.

Where is the spare tire in a 2021 Camaro?

It should also be noted that no spare wheel is offered for any 2021 Camaro model. Instead, almost every Camaro comes with a standard tire inflation, but it’s only available for models equipped with 245/50R18 all-season tires (R0H).

How much horsepower does a 2014 Camaro 2SS have?

400 to 426 hp
2014 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS/Horsepower