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What is a antonym for luxurious?

What is a antonym for luxurious?

luxurious. Antonyms: hard, painful, self-denying, ascetic, hardy. Synonyms: voluptuous, selfindulgent, pleasurable, sensual, pampered.

What is a discerning person?

(dɪsɜrnɪŋ ) adjective. If you describe someone as discerning, you mean that they are able to judge which things of a particular kind are good and which are bad. [approval]

What word is better than premium?

Definition 10: of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superior: a wine made of premium grapes. Deluxe, in this context, means “High or highest in quality”, according to the dictionary, though it is held in more esteem than premium.

What is a synonym for obsolete?

Some common synonyms of obsolete are ancient, antiquated, antique, archaic, old, and venerable. While all these words mean “having come into existence or use in the more or less distant past,” obsolete may apply to something regarded as no longer acceptable or useful even though it is still in existence.

What is the synonym of prestigious?

reputable, distinguished, respected, esteemed, estimable, eminent, august, honoured, of high standing, of note, highly regarded, well thought of, acclaimed, authoritative, well known, in the public eye, celebrated, illustrious, leading, renowned, famed, famous. ANTONYMS. disreputable, obscure. 2’a prestigious job’

What is a antonym for luxury?

luxury. Antonyms: economy, frugality, miserliness, parsimoniousness, parsimony, providence, prudence, saving, scrimping, sparing, thrift. Synonyms: abundance, affluence, bounty, extravagance, liberality, opulence, riches, waste, wealth.

What is the best synonym for discerning?


  • insightful,
  • perceptive,
  • prudent,
  • sagacious,
  • sage,
  • sapient,
  • wise.

What is the synonym of discern?

perceive, make out, pick out, detect, recognize, notice, observe, see, spot. identify, determine, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate, tell apart.

What are the synonyms for deficient?

other words for deficient

  • defective.
  • impaired.
  • inferior.
  • insufficient.
  • lacking.
  • scarce.
  • unsatisfactory.
  • weak.

What is a antonym for deficiency?

deficiency. Antonyms: dissipation, excess, exorbitance, extravagance, intemperance, lavishness, overplus, prodigality, profusion, redundance, redundancy, superabundance, superfluity, surplus, waste, wastefulness.

What is a synonym for unique?

Frequently Asked Questions About unique Some common synonyms of unique are eccentric, erratic, odd, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, singular, and strange. While all these words mean “departing from what is ordinary, usual, or to be expected,” unique implies singularity and the fact of being without a known parallel.

What is the synonym of benevolent?

SYNONYMS FOR benevolent 2 good, kind, humane, generous, liberal, benign, philanthropic, altruistic.

What is the synonym of prosaic?

prosaic. Synonyms: accurate, calculable, calculated, commonplace, literal, ordinary, real, reasonable, regular, sensible, solid, sound, sure, true. Antonyms: chimerical, fanciful, fantastic, grotesque, imaginative, visionary.

What is the root word of benevolent?

Benevolent comes from the Latin bene, “well,” and volent, from a verb meaning “to wish.” A benevolent society is a charity group organized to serve a community through programs, sponsorships, and donations.

What is a synonym for high end?

Synonyms for high-end. exclusive, upmarket, upscale.

What is another word for good reputation?

What is another word for good reputation?

repute distinction
stature prestige
prominence account
esteem note
reputation standing

What is the synonyms for expensive?


  • costly.
  • extravagant.
  • fancy.
  • high.
  • lavish.
  • valuable.
  • dear.
  • excessive.

What is a antonym for compensation?

compensation. Antonyms: deprivation, injury, nonpayment, gratuity, donation, fraudulence, damage. Synonyms: remuneration, equivalent, wages, pay, allowance, restoration, restitution, satisfaction, atonement, expiation, indemnification, amercement, damages.

What is the synonym of superfluous?

other words for superfluous

  • excessive.
  • expendable.
  • gratuitous.
  • redundant.
  • unneeded.
  • useless.
  • abounding.
  • dispensable.

What does prosaic mean in English?

1a : characteristic of prose as distinguished from poetry : factual. b : dull, unimaginative prosaic advice. 2 : everyday, ordinary heroic characters wasted in prosaic lives — Kirkus Reviews.