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What is a demi lune piece of furniture?

What is a demi lune piece of furniture?

Demilune is a French term meaning half-moon, a beautiful name for these crescent shape tables. With no front corners and a shallow profile, it is an exceptionally great choice for tight hallways and entryways. Entryway – demilune tables make a great spot to catch your keys and mail by the front door.

What does demi lune mean?

a crescent-shaped object or formation; half-moon.

What is a demi lune cabinet?

Demilune cabinets and chests are storage occasional furnishings that have a half-moon shape. Many demilune cabinets and chests feature solid or glass doors that open to reveal storage compartments with one or more shelves. You can also find half moon cabinets and chests with open display shelves and drawers.

What is a half circle table called?

Half-Moon Console Tables.

What is a demilune chest?

Pronounced “dem-ee-loon”, which translates as half moon in French, these lovely tables and chests are designed withe curved sides and a top that is shaped in a half circle. …

What is a demi loom?

The Demilune table (pronounced dem-ee-loon) is also referred to as “demi-lune”. A console table in a “half circle” style. Demilune is French for “Half Moon” and is also referred to as ‘half round’, ‘half circle’ or ‘crescent’. The defining feature of a Demilune table is it its shape.

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What kind of table is a demilune table?

This rustic outdoor side table is handmade …. Entryway cabinets come in all sizes and shapes, but nothing says welcome quite like a demilune cabinet. Our Wynn Demilune Table boasts graceful curves in a sleek, updated silhouette that works anywhere from the foyer to the bedroom.

What kind of drawers are in demilune cabinets?

For something a little more unique, this beautiful, antique-style cabinet is an ideal candidate for that perfect gift or a sentimental home accent. This drawer set comes with 4 drawers to hold your favorite memories or special writings and is accented by a selection of hand-painted calla lily floral art.

What kind of wood is demilune made out of?

Two-toned solid mahogany construction blends with any natural wood. unique limewash finish is made entirely from natural ingredients with Lyme as the key ingredient and has natural mold inhibiting factors. It is an earth-friendly substitute for petrochemical finishes such as our modern-day paint and stains. Overall Product Weight: 48lb.

Is it safe to use demilune in living room?

A great addition to any bedroom, living room, or entryway, this elegant demilune console is a fresh take on a traditional design. This product can expose you to chemicals including Formaldehyde, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.