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What is a loon and a Quine?

What is a loon and a Quine?

Loons and quines are boys and girls. You might hear these words being added on to the sayings above: “fit like, loon?” or “far hiv ye bin, quine”. These words are also useful to know as they may just be the only way for you to differentiate between the ladies and gentlemen bathrooms.

What does Bonnie Quine mean?

Quine/Lassie Meaning: A young woman. Example: ‘She’s a bonnie lookin’ quine’ Translation: ‘She’s a beautiful young woman’

What is a Futtret?

Noun. futret (plural futrets) (Doric) ferret.

What does Quine mean in Scots?

Quine, or quene, is used nowadays as a word for girl or young woman. The earliest written record of the word is from 1617, according to the Dictionary of the Scottish Tongue (DOST), when it was used to describe a servant girl.

What does BRAW girl mean?

1. braw – brightly colored and showy; “girls decked out in brave new dresses”; “brave banners flying”; “`braw’ is a Scottish word”; “a dress a bit too gay for her years”; “birds with gay plumage”

What is the Scottish word for squirrel?

feòrag. More Scots Gaelic words for squirrel. feòdar. squirrel.

What is the Scottish word for smart?

canny – smart (“He’s a canny lad.”) or to be wary, or careful (“Ca’ canny, lassie!”)

Where does the Aberdonian dialect of Scotland come from?

Aberdonian Doric phrases and words from the North East of Scotland commonly heard around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with an English translation from this Scots language. Doric is the dialect spoken in the North East of Scotland, commonly heard in Aberdeen and around Aberdeenshire and Moray.

What’s the most common stereotype for a Aberdonian?

The most common Scottish stereotype for Aberdonians is that they are ” sheep shaggers “. However a more accurate generalisation is: wasted and ignorant. Student of Aberdeen University: ‘One wasted guy on Belmont Street yesterday said to me “Whaddup homes?” but was Aberdonian and white, I called him MC HAMMERED.

What does the Aberdonian neck gaiter and mug mean?

Get the Aberdonian neck gaiter and mug. An ancient Scottish slang word for ” sheep shagger “. Commonly misinterpreted as meaning someone from Aberdeen. Tam: “Fit?” Eck: “Ah, why didnae ye just say that in the first place?” Get a Aberdonian mug for your barber Callisto.