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What is a STX lane?

What is a STX lane?

This appendix is designed to provide a ready-to-use tool (Situational Training Exercise (STX) Lane packets) to better prepare squads and platoons for the search and attack. Instead, they are designed to augment and enhance your squad’s or platoon’s ability to execute those standard battle those drills.

What does Army STX stand for?

A Situational Training Exercise (STX) is short, scenario-driven, mission-oriented, limited exercise designed to train one collective task, or a group of related tasks or battle drills, through practice.

What is an army FTX?

The FTX is an exercise held over the course of a weekend during which cadets use skills previously learned during leadership labs such as Land Navigation and Troop Leading Procedures.

What is Lane training?

Lane training is a process for training company-size and smaller units on collective tasks (and prerequisite soldier and leader individual tasks and battle drills) supporting a unit’s METL. The process consists of planning, execution, and assessment phases. The execution phase is a battle-focused LTX.

What is battle drill 1A?

BATTLE DRILL 1A: CONDUCT SQUAD ATTACK. TASK. Conduct Squad Attack (7-4-D101). CONDITIONS. The squad is moving as part of a platoon conducting a movement to contact or hasty or deliberate attack.

How much sleep do you get at basic training?

Sleep During Training Typically, that five hours is split up into multiple episodes of sleep, usually lasting less than two hours each. U.S. Military Academy cadets sleep fewer than five hours during the week and are woken up several times during the night for training.

Whats FTX stand for?

Also found in: Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Acronym. Definition. FTX. Field Training Exercise.

What is multi echelon training?

Multi-echelon training is the simultaneous training of more than one echelon on different tasks. It is the most effective and efficient way of sustaining proficiency on mission-essential tasks with limited time and resources.

What are the eight battle drills?

There are eight different battle drills: squad attack, react to contact, break contact, react to ambush, knock out bunkers, clear a room, clear a trench and breach a mined wire obstacle.

What are the 6 section battle drills?

Six Section Battle Drills

  • Section Responsibilities.
  • P – Preparation For Battle.
  • R – Reaction To Effective Enemy Fire.
  • E – Enemy, Locate The.
  • W – Winning The Fire Fight.
  • A – Attack (Approach, Assault, Fight Through)
  • R – Re-organisation.