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What is an example of dissemination?

What is an example of dissemination?

To disseminate is defined as to make known or spread information. An example of disseminate is when you publish a newsletter about an issue.

What is dissemination in research?

Introduction. Dissemination refers to the process of sharing research findings with stakeholders and wider audiences. Dissemination is essential for uptake, and uptake and use of research findings is crucial for the success and sustainability of practice-based research networks (PBRNs) in the long term.

What are the 3 P’s of dissemination?

Known as the three Ps, posters, presentations, and papers, have historically been the three primary ways of dissemination and remain as the most popular methods in the nursing field (Brown & Schmidt, 2009; Dudley-Brown, 2012).

What is dissemination content?

What is the content dissemination? It is a technique to save your time to post your new information about any topic on your multiple blogs without logging in all your blogs and paste the same message over and over again.

What are dissemination activities?

Dissemination aims at maximising the impact of research results in the public domain. Therefore, the target audience of dissemination activities is any potential user of the project results: the scientific community, stakeholders, industry, policy makers, investors, civil society, etc.

What are dissemination skills?

Dissemination is the targeted distribution of information and intervention materials to a specific public health or clinical practice audience. The intent is to spread knowledge and the associated evidence-based interventions. Dissemination occurs through a variety of channels, social contexts, and settings.

What does Dessimated mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to spread abroad as though sowing seed disseminate ideas. 2 : to disperse throughout.

What are dissemination strategies?

Dissemination strategies aim to spread knowledge and the associated evidence-based interventions on a wide scale within or across geographic locations, practice settings, or social or other networks of end-users such as patients and health care providers.

What is dissemination activity?

Common methods of dissemination include: Publishing program or policy briefs. Publishing project findings in national journals and statewide publications. Presenting at national conferences and meetings of professional associations. Discussing project activities on the local radio.

How do you write dissemination?


  1. Description of your institution and the reason why it became involved in the project.
  2. Description of the dissemination strategy used.
  3. Background information on the region where the dissemination takes place.
  4. What strategy did you decide to adopt for this dissemination project?

What is dissemination strategy?

What is a ten year period called?

A decennary is rare word for a ten-year period. In other words, it’s a decade. Like decade and decagon (polygon with ten sides), decennary comes from the Latin root decem for “ten.” A hundred years is made up of ten decennaries.

What do we mean by dissemination of research?

We define dissemination as a planned process that involves consideration of target audiences and the settings in which research findings are to be received and, where appropriate, communicating and interacting with wider policy and health service audiences in ways that will facilitate research uptake in decision-making processes and practice.

Are there any effective ways to disseminate recommendations?

The lack of strong evidence calls for more research of the effectiveness of different dissemination strategies as well as the barriers for implementing a strategic approach of dissemination. Our findings provide the first systematic overview of tools and strategies to disseminate recommendations to patients and patient organisations.

What should we learn from disciplines for dissemination?

To address this gap, in this article, we review lessons from related disciplines, current practices of researchers, key audience characteristics, available tools for dissemination, and measures of impact of dissemination efforts. What Might We Learn From Diverse Disciplines?

How are patients involved in the dissemination of information?

The analysis of the articles showed that, besides information about dissemination to patients or patient organisations, many articles paid attention to patient involvement in dissemination.