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What is difference between obsolete and expired backup in RMAN?

What is difference between obsolete and expired backup in RMAN?

RMAN can identify the obsolete files for you, but it does not automatically delete them. A backup is considered expired only when RMAN performs a crosscheck and cannot find the file. In short, obsolete means “not needed,” whereas expired means “not found.”

How do I delete obsolete backups in RMAN?

To delete obsolete backups:

  1. Connect RMAN to the target database as described in “Connecting to the Target Database Using RMAN.”
  2. Delete all obsolete backups, including backup sets and image copies, using the following command: DELETE OBSOLETE;

Where is obsolete backup in RMAN?

To report obsolete backups:

  1. Start RMAN and connect to a target database and recovery catalog (if used).
  2. Execute the CROSSCHECK command to update the status of backups in the repository compared to their status on disk.

What RMAN obsolete?

The general meaning of OBSOLETE is no longer used or required. RMAN considers backups as OBSOLETE when they are no longer required for database recovery. This means that if we have 5 database backups, the first one will be marked as OBSOLETE because we want to keep 4 copies of RMAN backups.

What is difference between expired and obsolete backup?

A status of “expired” means that the backup piece or backup set is not found in the backup destination. A status of “obsolete” means the backup piece is still available, but it is no longer needed.

Can we restore obsolete backup?

If you have datafile copies, backup pieces or archive logs on disk, you can catalog them in the recovery catalog using the CATALOG command. When using a recovery catalog, cataloging older backups that have aged out of the control file lets RMAN use the older backups during restore operations.

Why would you run the delete obsolete command?

The following three things will happen when you perform “DELETE OBSOLETE” from RMAN prompt: The physical backup files are removed from the filesystem level (or from tape backup) The backup entries are removed from the RMAN recovery catalog. The entries are marked as DELETED in the Oracle control file.

What is the difference between expired and obsolete backup?

What is Oracle obsolete?

An obsolete version of the Oracle Database server is running. Oracle only produces fixes for the most recent patch levels within each product version. Therefore if a server is running on an older patch set, critical security fixes cannot be applied without first upgrading to a more recent patch set.

What is the command to delete all the backup older than 30 days?

You can use the find command to search all files modified older than X days. And also delete them if required in single command. First of all, list all files older than 30 days under /opt/backup directory.

How do I clean up my RMAN backup?

To delete all backups for the target database use: RMAN> DELETE BACKUP;

  1. Delete Backupset. To delete a backup set specify the set number e.g. 23: RMAN> DELETE BACKUPSET 23;
  2. NOPROMPT keyword.
  3. Image Copies.
  4. Expired Backups.
  5. Obsolete Backups.